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Depends on when Little Miss decides the day is going to begin. Usually between 6:30 and 7:30 (if she wakes any earlier than 6:30 I make DH spend time with her till he leaves for work at 6:30 LOL).

My DS on the other hand will usually sleep in till 8 or 8:30...<sigh> I miss sleeping in!

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Whenever my boys wake up. I hate sleeping in, I just feel like I've wasted the day if I wake any later than 7...but they tend to wake up around 7:30-8 and since they sleep with us I can't have an alarm on... We're trying to get switched to dh's swing shift schedule anyways though so I need to get used to staying up late and sleeping late.
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We are all night owls here.

On the days that I go to school we get up at 5:30am (yuck). But my off days we sleep till 10am.
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depends on the day... anywhere between 8 am and 11 am
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Usually after nine, sometimes after ten.

Occasionally I get up around eight.
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Between 8:30 and 9:00 for me, sometimes 10am. : We stay up late, my older girl usually sleeps another hour or more, not always. My younger girl either makes me get up, or goes back to sleep for maybe a half hour/hour after I have risen. I'm a middle insomniac, early mornings mean no sleep for me, pretty much. We love living life in our own rhythm. Like Unschoolnma said, when we have stuff on our schedule that requires earlier rising, we do.

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Generally my kids get up between 8 and 9, myself about an hour earlier.

My eldest has always marched to her own drummer. From age 4 to about 10, she stayed up late reading in bed, and slept in accordingly to 10 or later. Around her 11th birthday she embarked on some sort of self-improvement program or something and tried to get up between 5 and 7. Now, on the cusp of teendom, she's slipped back to her night-owl habits. She's awake until 3 or later reading, and sometimes sleeps past noon.

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Depends on how late we stay up the night before. We generally go to bed around 10-12 but often watch movies or read in bed til the wee hours. I would say, on average, in the winter we get up around 8-10. In the summer, we get up between 9-11. We tend to stay up later in summer, which explains the difference.

ETA: I read somewhere, a long time ago, that teens need to go to bed later and sleep later than expected...something about their circadian rhythms changing...???
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I almost always wake up between 4 and 5. Sometimes I can sleep til 6. I cannot seem to train myself out of this. Sometimes I can go back to sleep and/or take a nap later. Ds usually gets up between 7 and 8, dd around that time too. The baby is our wildcard sleeper--sometimes he's up at dawn, sometimes not until 10 or 11. Dh, of course, gets up promptly at 6:30 (much anger ensues if he is disturbed earlier) to go to work.
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Sleep as long as I can

At 55 yrs of age, 7 kids later, with 3 still living at home, 2 still in my bed, I arise at 7 AM long enough to make sure that the one daughter who needs to be down the road by 7:30, is up and going. Then other daughter and I cozy up to one another for at least another 3 hrs of sweet dreams. Guess the next question is, how LATE do we all stay up at night? For us, it is anywhere from 11 PM until 2 AM!:
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I stay up later too and found that this is my natural cycle. Usually I'm asleep by midnight, sometimes sooner, sometimes later.
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My kids wake up anywhere between 6am and 8am. (usually around 6:30)

Some days I'll get up earlier than others...7am is pretty much the earliest I'm willing to get out of bed.

My SO gets up and leaves for work by around 7:40 so he takes care of their needs until he leaves, so I can sleep.
Ever so often the kids don't come and get me after he leaves so I sleep even longer.

Did I mention that I am _not_ a morning person??

I see kids outside waiting for their school buses at 7am and I can't imagine having to get everyone ready so early! LOL!
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Right now I have to get up at 7:15 to get my daughter off to school--this is much too early for me. In my old age I need more sleep... I can't wait until we are homeschooling, I'm planning on setting my alarm for 8:15 instead...
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Ooohhh I hate mornings! I wake between 9 and 10 - usually closer to 10 than 9am. And I'm double blessed... my 19 month old usually sleeps in, too.

HOw late do we stay up? Usually DD1 goes to bed around 9:30pm. DD2... we don't do schedules for the baby, so whenever she's tired she can be found on my lap while I am naking. I go to sleep really late most night since the only time I can do my web design for clients is when everyone is asleep. I usually crawl into bed around 2 to 3am.
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My kids wake me up before 7am! No sleeping in for me...
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Dh and I usually go to bed by 9pm. He falls asleep , I'll read til midnight. The kids like to watch Nick at Night and occasionally a movie..so they don't go to bed til 11:30pm or midnight.

Dh is up at 5:20 and out the door by 6:20am. My alarm is set for 8:20am. But I don't get up til 10am.

The kids get up anywhere from 9-10:30am.
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I rarely set an alarm unless I have a Sat. seminar and have to get up at 5 am.
6 yr old DD gets up anytime from 6:30 to 8
3 yrold DS will sleep till 11 some days, others he's up as early as 8

I get up anywhere from 6:30 to 8 at the latest.

DS had an appointment this morning at 9; I woke up at 7:45, got vitamins set up in time for DD to come down and drink hers. By the time I went back upstairs DS was actually awake much to my relief. We showered and got out of the house by 8:45.
DS was sleeping tonight by 6 since he didn't get a nap today. He needs 14 hours of sleep.
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I am NOT an early bird! Right now I usually get up between 8:30 and 9:00. Dh works nights, and he gets home around 8:00. The kids(5, 8, 11) are up about 7:30 or so. They are really good about occupying themselves until I am up with tv, computer, arts and crafts, etc. Dh has his breakfast with the kids and comes to bed about 8:30. I then stay in bed with him until he's asleep. If we have an activity or appointment in the morning, then I will set that alarm clock. But not unless I have to!
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Since dh is working a very late schedule now it is really nice that we hs. My dh leaves for work at 3 pm and doesn't get home until 1 AM. I am an early riser by nature, but have adjusted to this schedule. I get up around 9 am now and the kids get up at 10. DH gets up at 11. Works well for all. We just visit with dh before work.

If my kids went to school they would never see their father!
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I am up at 5:30 every morning. I feel driven to have some quiet time every day in which to write, and right now that's the only time of day that is possible. The baby usually wakes up around 6:30, and the other kids from 7:00-9:00. The important thing is that they are getting as much rest as they need to -- if they were going to school they'd have to go to bed so much earlier, and they'd only have an hour or so to spend with their dad in the evening. Plus they'd have to go to bed in the summertime when the sun is still shining! That's just wrong!
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