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I am offically NUTS

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I don't know how else to discribe it, but I just freak out for very little reason all of a sudden... I'll have a perfectly normal conversation with my dh on the phone or at home, and then it will just turn dark and I'll get all pissed off and end up hanging up on him! My poor oldest son gets it a lot--I just keep saying sorry and giving extra hugs and stuff. DH had a conversation with him that I overheard explaining that when mommy has a baby in her tummy she gets a little stressed and yells, but she doesn't mean it :

Am I going to be a total nutcase from now until the end of December?!

I feel pretty good otherwise, but I just want to stop the insanity and not lose it all the time! Otherwise, I don't mind being pregnant at all...

Now that I think about it, when pregnant with my first I used to just storm out of the car (stopped, of course) and leave my poor dh there, in the car, wondering...

Is anyone else emotionally unstable without warning these days?!
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: Yep, that would be me. My poor husband doesn't know what to do half the time. I'll be really pissed off for no reason at all and then suddenly I'll start crying for no reason, and then I'll be back to normal. Well, as normal as I get.
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I'll join you.

I, too, feel like my oldest is bearing the brunt of it (besides DH). He's been tired and whiny this week, and my patience is just gone. I've explained to him that sometimes I have a hard time being patient and that my moods change a lot, and I try to play lots of games with him and connect with him any way I can.

SOOOOO ready to get back to "normal" . . . if that's even possible at this point!
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Yep, the past couple days I keep biting dh's head off. He has been cool about it but I don't think that is going to last long!
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I think if I wasn't so stressed out I would be much easier to get along with. Dh is never home for me to really gripe too much at and he doesn't answer his phone very often so unfortunately my oldest dd is getting the brunt of the insanity. I really feel bad for her. I try to explain why I'm so grouchy but I don't know if it really helps. I'm hoping that since some of my stressors have been taken care of I can relax these next few weeks and be more enjoyable to be around. Ahhh well we'll see. It will get better enventually.....I think
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I am with you. My poor kids got screamed at a couple nights ago. I think I scared them. I dont' generally yell. I felt really terrible. :
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Oh man, me too. I don't yell (just not the yelling type) but someone can look at me wrong and I just get so upset about it. My 2.5 year old dd tells me often "when "Mina" pops out, mommy will be happy." I just feel so bad that a little kid that young has noticed what a biotch I've been lately. Oh well, only a couple more weeks... unfortunately they are those weeks that are packed with dealing with relatives and all other maner of obnoxious people. We'll see if I can manage not to get disowned from my family or piss anyone in my dh's family off. Cause I just seem to have lost the ability to internalize my annoyance.
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I'm lucky that I've said all the weird/moody things to my family that I can and they still call me... so I'm not so worried about freaking out over the holidays.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving--I'm doing a ton of cleaning now, dh is really great about cooking, and we'll just have friends over (and possible my mom and dad)... I might even have a 1/2 a glass of wine for my mental health! Hopefully the nice long weekend will allow me to recenter my chi (or however I am majorly unbalanced presently...).

We had a bunch of bills/financially bad stuff to deal with this past week, and I just don't handle that stuff very well--but I'd rather have all that stuff hit the fan this month and tighten the belt now than next month... arg.
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I am sooo there with you. I have these freak-outs over nothing and whine and cry about what is wrong and it is always things that make no sense. I think the worst thing is I am totally nesting but I have not-napping-lately-without-nursing-an-hour-which-drives-me-nuts almost 2 year old so I get absolutely nothing done as it is, much less painting the baby's room, rearranging furniture, etc. I wish I could just disappear to a day spa and dh would do everything for me as a surprise! I love my dh but AS IF!!!
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i am the same way ifeel like i am going nuts, hubby doesnt help he just never watns to be home and goes out drinkin with friends wich just makes me mad at him all weekend . my sons been a total brat lately and getting into everything id ont even know what to do with him anymore he climbs in and out of everything. and preparing for thanksgiving tomorow and hubby wants to get drunk tonight out with friends and last time he didnt return home till 1pm the next day so i told him then he cant go out anymore but i think he is gonna ask again when he gets home but omg i just wanna rip my hair out , today specially sucks with my son being a brat and preparing for tomorow for thanksgiving all by myself , hubby has done nothing
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