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bumGenius! 2.0

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I got a 2.0!!!

I have to say...I couldn’t stand it, I HAD to go purchase one of these today. Fortunately for me, CottonBabies retail store is in my town! I got a “blossom”. Oooooooh. It is the loveliest color of pink! (also fortunately for me, I have a daughter because I was *getting* that new color!) Immediately I washed and dried it in the dryer. It’s SO NICE to be able to dry it with my other dipes! I am REALLY PLEASED with my bG! 2.0 - and that’s saying something because I’m really ’sold’ on my originals! Can’t wait to buy more! They have improved on a diaper that I didn’t think had room for improvement.
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I ordered one AIO medium sized in "Butternut". This diaper is amazing! It's soft, trim and it fit ds perfectly. Also, thumbs up for the service at www.babycottonbottoms.com
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I have a whole set of bG2.0 and I like them. I'd say the only downside is that the elastic parts at the waist get fuzzy. I wash the pockets with the inserts and then line dry them. So the fuzziness is happening in the washer. I think they're snagging slightly on the velcro tabs.

But the fit is great, and I love that I can use them for both of my kids. If I had to do it over again, I'd buy them still.
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I love the one-size 2.0 AND the AIOs they are great! I'm pretty new to cloth, and it is wonderful for someone transitioning from sposies!
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I bought the BG 2.0 seconds that were on sale, and I must say, I find myself reaching for them more and more. They are so easy to use, and stay nice and white even with the worse poops (and wow does my girl have some atrocious poops ) I give them two thumbs up!
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We use a few Bum Genius 2.0 diapers with some other kinds and we really like them. We've been using them since DS was born and have never had a problem.
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Sad to say the 18 BG 2.0 that we have are starting to wear out too early in my opinion. We've been using them for the last 8 months and the elastic is all getting loose (causing lots of leaks) and the velcro is not as sticky (causing them to come off--of coarse soaking everything). We've been mostly drying them in the dryer (like the tag says you can), always on medium heat. I'm really sad about this because we haven't even starting wearing them in their size large yet .

Anyway, they were great until the last month when several starting "falling apart".

Well, just though I'd put out a long term usage review.

BTW, I've decided snaps are the way to go...no getting lint stuck in the velcro, having them come off their laundry tabs in the washer and all sticking together, no constantly reminding the grandparents to adhere them to their laundry tabs just perfectly or else they will come loose in the washer... We have one fuzzi bun and I'd say it is my favorite so far!
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I have two of the aio's and one of the one size pockets. My dd actually wore the XS Blossom BG as her first diaper in the delivery room!

So far they work great. Every now and then with the AIO I will notice dd's clothes wet on the back but I don't know if it's the diaper since I've checked it and it's not even wet. The one size pocket dipe is one of my favorites.
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I have also found that my bG are wearing out. I've been using them for 8 months (got some from my sister whose baby is 1) so 1 year of use max, and they are falling apart. The velcro is coming loose, DS can pull one side of his diaper off, and the elastic in the legs has strecthed out, causing leaking problems, and even some poop leaking out on two or three occasions. Unfournately, they are not the fantatsic diaper I thought they were. Really, I expect better durability in a diaper that costs $18 apiece. Maybe BG 3.0's work better?
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We've been using BumGenius OS 2.0s exclusively with our DS for 14 months and they are still going strong! We do get the occassional leak if we take too long to change him but we have never had a blowout. I should mention that we also EC so we caught most of his -er- contributions during the first year but recently he has decided to take an EC break so we are now changing our fill of soiled diapers and they are holding up very well. Plus I love the way they look! I'm off to buy a few more right now to get us through this potty pause...
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We bought a stash of 18 bumgenius 2.0 diapers and have used them pretty exclusively since dd was 8 lbs (around May or June 2008). I have used and laundered them according to the directions. Now the velcro tabs have worn out, though, and they are basically useless. Cotton Babies won't do anything because I bought them more than a year ago, before dd was born (although we've only been using them for a little over a year), and I'm finding myself needing to build our stash up all over again. I have 18 BG 2.0s that can't be used because they won't stay on her! The company is doing nothing to keep me as a customer, and I would not recommend this brand to anyone else. If they had offered to stand behind their product, at all, even with a DYI velcro repair kit that I've heard rumors about, I would be happy to continue using the diapers into year 2. Hope this helps someone else make a decision.
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We've been using our stash of 40 bg 2.0s for 28 months straight and they're still going!! The elastic is a bit stretched out and velcrows getting old, but they still work Ok for DS1, though probably wouldn't get small enough for a newborn As a result we have 36 new bg 3.0s waiting for ds2 once we run out of sposies in a day or two
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Just wanted to add - DS1 finally potty trained ~32 or 34 months (jan/feb of this year - 2010), and the bg 2.0s we had still look fine - they're a bit stained, and the velcros stretched out, but they work just peachy fine. I just gave most of them to a friend, for her DD, but kept a half dozen or so for night time. The 3.0s are now a solid 8.5 months old and still look almost brand new
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Recently I got our old BG 2.0's that DD used to wear out of the box to put on DS... and ALL the elastic is bad. My Blueberries and Swaddlebees and a couple random others are just fine, but now I've got 4 BG 2.0's in my diaper bag and whenever we sit somewhere to wait, I take them out and work on ripping out the seams so I can replace the elastic. I doubt I used them for even a year with DD. I am so disappointed... so much for saving money re-using my diapers on kid#2!
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