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Honestly, I think these ads are a bad idea. I didn't chime in on the discussion about these before because, well, it seemed like the PTB decided that these ads would happen regardless of what the membership wanted. But the ads that I've seen this afternoon are totally inapproapriate, for the most part. The onus is not on us to report every one, as far as I'm concerned. There simply are too many for us to report. We are here because we're a peculiar group of folks (i.e,. out of the mainstream) looking for support and information.

And the whole "buy this!!!!!!!!!!!!" vibe goes against everything I thought Mothering stood for. First the wheel, the the Old School House and now this?

I thought things were getting better here, but I'm not feeling so hopeful anymore.
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What happened to the ads that we used to see on the right? They at least fit the community... I still want a Cedar Works swingset
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Cedarworks is having a sale right now!!! We are getting the see saw for Christmas!
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Please remember to email the ads in question to webmaster@mothering.com. If you can't get an email through (someone earlier said theirs bounced) then PM me - but please, only PM me if you can't get them through to webmaster@mothering.com or it might take longer for Cynthia to get the message.

I'm sorry a few threads were closed regarding this, but we need to keep these in the appropriate forum in order to properly address it.
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this is just so wrong on so many levels...

I was just reading this thread and I glanced over to the left at the ads...all 4 ads advocating circumcison :

here's a screen shot I saved
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When were you guys planning to address all these concerns? Reporting the many many (well most of them really are inappropriate) isn't really enough.
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i haven't read the whole thread, and have no desire to, as i fear i won't be spending much time here anymore, except to bookmark links from my favorite forums...:

but i did want to add my 2 cents to the coffers (which apparently must be in dire straits if we're having to resort to this).

1.) even though it may be possible to block the ads by downloading software, it may not be an option for many who log on here (ie., those who use work/library/internet cafe to log on). and what about people first coming to the site, who don't know they have the option, and see the ads, and are confused by the apparent hypocrisy (AP/NFL threads, mainstream ads)?

2.) so the ads use keywords, and the solution to keeping certain ads out is to *censor* our words by placing asterisks in the word, as in c*irc and br*east? how many people are going to want to do that?

3.) speaking of hypocrisy...we're told that certain language and topics are not allowed because this is a "family-friendly" site and children might be reading over parents' shoulders...what do you think the conversation will be like when johnny asks his mommy "why does that say you can find big penis on ebay?" it's not okay for us to talk about dildos, but we can feel free to click the link to go buy them...:

4.) and speaking of clicking links...i know i personally don't have the time or energy to click on or copy and paste "questionable" links and report them, and i doubt many others do, either, so i don't see this as a viable solution to getting rid of them (i know this was a solution suggested in earlier discussions about the ads being placed; whether it's still being suggested or not, i have no idea. again, no time to look).

all in all, i think this is going to turn a lot of members away, old and new. this can't be the only solution to the site's financial issues, can it? or maybe it is...less members posting, less bandwidth being used, less money being spent...

either way, i'm disappointed. not only with the site, but the magazine itself (which has also become quite ad-heavy of late; what does the band Bare Naked Ladies have anything to do with AP/NFL?).

i do hope some kind of solution is reached, and i'll keep checking back in the hopes of seeing that happen, but until then, ladies...good luck.
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baby sleep training???? i think i saw that one in the family bed forum (not sure).


great! i have been trying to give advice to new moms till im blue in the face..trying to reassure, offer patience, etc. Now, all they need to do is click on the link above and train their baby.

really! is this really happening here? since comign to MDC, i have changed so many things in my life above and beyond the cloth diapers i came here to find. my family has benefitted so much. MDC helped me find what i needed. if i cant get that here anymore, then fine..but ive already learned. waht about those new moms who haven't??? they will NEVER know what i learned.
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These ads have got to go NOW please!!!!!!!

"REUTERS OFFBEAT VIDEOS: Boys circumcised en masse" this is ridiculous and has got to go, else I'm way out of here, this is in such poor taste I can't even believe it. I feel freaking sick.

I'm going to email Cynthia now, PLEASE get rid of these google ads!!!

Somebody PM me when they're gone, thanks.

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I think they all should be pulled asap then go from there.
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I will speak with cynthia tomorrow and address it further at that time.
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This is just stupid! There is no way in h*ll that they are going to be able to block all the inappropriate ads. NO WAY! There are millions of website that can come up with google ads, and we can keep reporting them but there will be another equally offensive site that will pop up.


I WILL NOT be renewing my premium membership if they still have google ads.
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It definitely seems to be a flawed system. I don't see how it can work, long term. And it seems pretty silly for MDC to suggest that we use Firefox and Ad Block Plus to block out the ads, since the idea is allegedly for them to make extra revenue, right?

Anyway, I know I'm waiting with baited breath to see what happens after Ms. Mom talks with Cynthia.
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Originally Posted by Ms. Mom View Post
I will speak with cynthia tomorrow and address it further at that time.
Thank you.
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hey, do you want to know if you're a normal parent? there's an add here to find that out! Sounds like fun, huh?
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I remember when I first wandered over to MDC, when everything--homebirth, no-c*rc, etc.--was kinda new to me. What choices might I have made if the information offered in the forums had had to compete with the OPPOSITE information in the ads? I'm not convinced that everyone who comes here is web-savvy enough to tell the ads from the informative links. None of the google ads look like ads! The look like the rest of MDC! So, unless you just know they're ads, or you happen to see the tiny "Ads by Google," it's easy to get confused.

I'm appalled, infuriated, saddened, disgusted.
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I don't really post much, but I read and learn here every single day. I try to support Mothering by subscribing to the magazine and by subscribing to a premium membership that has a lot of perks I don't even need since I hardly post...I just wanted to support you guys.

Please, allow me to add my name to the list of the thoroughly disgusted with the whole Google ads thing.

Posters here warned you this would happen. Posters here were ignored.

It boils down to this: even if people take their time that they could be learning and participating in community here to police your ads for you, even if the offensive ads are removed, the fact remains that for the time the ads are present, Mothering is making money by advertising fetish websites, homophobic websites, pro-circ, pro-vax, pro-formula websites, and the like.

This is what you want?

I just really can't believe it. I am so disappointed in you, MDC.
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Well, I guess I'm leaving until the ads are gone. If they never leave.... then I guess I'm not coming back. I'll probably check back a few times in the next couple of weeks, but I can't stand to see MDC veering this far away from their purpose. It's not worth it and it's total hipocracy. I'm not visiting a site AGAINST formula, vaccination, and circumcision that makes it's money PROMOTING formula, vaccination, and circumcision. You can say that they aren't promoting it, but if they are accepting money from these ads, then they are promoting the mainstream lifestyle.
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I'll keep posting here regardless. I am confident that Cynthia can weigh all of the issues and if that means there are still ads, so be it.
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i am new here and came here just to get info on circumsision. i am now a bit confused and scared because i am seeing ads for circumsision. i know that i made the right decision to leave my son intact, but then these ads... it's so ironic.
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