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Freestanding birth center vs. hospital birth center

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I'm planning a homebirth, but I'm just wondering about this. My mom suggested I have my baby at a birth center. I told her there weren't any where I live. She seemed really surprised, then said, "You mean there isn't one hospital with a birth center in your area?"

I thought that was funny, but it got me thinking. What are the differences between a free standing birth center and a hospital birth center?
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The birth center at the hospital DD was born at is just...L&D with a different name. They were IV and epidural happy. They made me be on the monitor for 30 mins before I could get in the tub. The FSBC around here does not do IVs (unless GBS+), epidurals are out of the question and they monitor heart tones by doppler.

BTW, When I was in the postpartum room, I heard 2 nurses talking outside my room, and apparently out of the 6 of us total in that wing, I was the only one that had a vaginal birth.
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I prefer free standing birth centers because the only energy they have in them is birth and calm energy...hospitals are full of frantic and sick energy...not very conducive to a calm birthing environment, IMO.
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I used a freestanding for DD and it was very low key, quiet, non-hospital like, etc. My sister used a hospital BC, it was a little to 'hospital-ly' for me. She had her own room, double bed, jacuzzi, etc. She didn't have a problem w/ the nurses pushing interventions, she had a doula, and had a very calm natural hypno-birth. I think a hospital BC would be better than a regular hospital birth, but you would have to ask lots of questions before you made assumptions about the care you would receive.
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MOST (perhaps all?) so-called "hospital birth center"s are NOT, NOT, NOT
birthing centers.
All it is is a NAME for the labor and delivery floor. Seriously. Not any different at all from a hospital L&D ward that is called L&D, or "family beginnings" or any other such name..

A freestanding birth center is a midwife-run, low-intervention, natural-birth oriented facility. Generally staffed purely by midwives (with OB backup depending on state laws), and generally only for women with low-risk pregnancies. Discharge tends to be 2-12 hours after the baby is born. Completely different that a hospital birth.
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My local hospital is opening a "birth center" next year. It's just a marketing ploy. They are renovating, adding tubs (for labor only, you can't birth in them). The same doctors and nurses will be there as in the current L&D ward - cause they are just renovating, not actually changing anything they do.

Birth is a lucrative industry, and my hospital is trying to get more money from the local populace.
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The hospital near me, I'm in a rural area is it is the only hospital for 50+ miles, ONLY has a "birthing center". So it's just L and D with a different name.
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a FSBC is basically a place for women to birth, away from home and away from a hospital. AWAY from a hospital. thats a big one.

i have long labors. always over 30 hours. period. if i were in a BC attached a hospital, i woulld have been transferred. period. if the ppl in my FSBC were the hospital ppl, i would have had another c/s. period.

there is nothing in a FSBC that the mw's dont bring to home births (at least not in mine). she had oxygen. and a few drugs (dont konw what they were..they were for emergencies..she never used them on me and later told my dh that at one point she got nervous taht i wasnt progressing...but she hung in there with me).

a BC attached to a hospital is NOT a BC IMHO>
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