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Breastfeeding animals?

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Totally weird, I know, but hear me out. Obviously other species can drink each other's milk. In Milo and Otis, a kitten feeds from a pig. It's really cute. Has a human ever breastfed an animal? I would think if ANYONE in history has, it would be feeding a primate.
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There was a women somewhere in Asia that was breastfeeding tiger cubs. They ended up dying. We had a farm cat that nursed an orphaned squirrel when we were kids. It was really cute and the squirrel survived.
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um... yeah... umm... when we got our dog as a wee puppy, I would lay down on the floor nursing dd, and the pup would latch on the other side...

Now granted, it was the puppy's idea, not mine, but still... yup.
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A woman on another board I frequent expressed milk for a stray kitten. We joked that he was going to be a super kitty
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