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This babe seems to have dropped some in the past 24 hours & does my crotch ever hurt!! It's like someone gave me a good kick with a huge foot! I don't know how else to describe it, other than swollen & heavy. :

I've been pretty lucky so far & haven't had much discomfort until today. I went to the grocery store earlier & walked around for an hour or so. I had some good BH that were bordering uncomfortable for the entire time I was there.

I'm 37w5d but am starting to wonder if I'll make it to my EDD or not. It'd be the first babe of mine not to make it.

Anyone else have major crotch/butt pain & pressure?

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My little guy is starting to drop too. It really started last night and then has continued today. I'm feeling a LOT more pressure in the nether regions at the moment and I feel like I really, really have to pee and just a trickle comes out. It's rather annoying!! BH have increased quite a bit here too. Mine needs to hang in there for at least another couple of weeks as I'm just 35 weeks today!!

Take it easy!!!!
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This kid dropped a couple of weeks ago. It was very painful and uncomfortable. My body seems to have adjusted though as I am not in nearly as much pain as when it first happened. I have lots of pressure and just generally feel swollen and heavy like you said. People say I am waddling more. My new nickname is 'Waddles': At least no one is mooing at me yet or quacking.................
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