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Originally Posted by Stacymom View Post
I have a nasty cold, and almost took some sudafed this morning, but didn't on that off chance...

sudafed is safe to take during pregnancy : so don't torture yourself!:
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Originally Posted by noordinaryspider View Post
Off to buy more crappy furniture substitutes and cry and cry and cry.
Don't you have any good flea markets, yard sales or junk shops around where you live? I found two great desks (one for me and one for DD) at a junk/antique shop, and they cost about the same as cheap imitation furniture that you have to assemble yourself from large box store would have cost, and they're real wood. Mine even has iron legs! And I don't remember what I paid, but I know that neither of them was more than $50.
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Hello everyone!

Sorry ItyBty ~
I feel the same way as you do Jezzy! I am having big time Af symptoms!

Good luck to you ann109 :

I am glad that you are starting to feel better Sabo!

Good luck to you hazeleyes & Stacymom!! :

So sorry about your BFN hlnmommy & noordinaryspider

Lots of extra for everyone!!!!
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OMG where is everyone today?

i'm bored and not tired at all
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Anyone know if it is possible to have an anovulatory cycle and still have temps like mine? My Dr was sure that I wouldn't ovulate this time becuse the eggs ( both on the left side ) weren't developed like they should be. That was on wed. the day after ff gave me my crosshairs. I had a lot of O pain too. Is it possible that she was looking at the ruptured follicles? Anyone know?
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I have no clue Jezzy, but it makes since that ruptured follicles are smaller than normal and could be mistaken for eggies that weren't fully developed.
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jezzy~ that is exactly what happenened to me last month. I went in on cd 15 for preop for surg the following day and I only had a few follies~ little bitties and there was no fluid saying any follicle had ruptured (ovulation) but when she sent me for a blood test for preop she threw in an lh draw just in case I was surging and o'ing right then (because I'd had several days of + opks and didnt want to do the surg if I was oing on my own, which isn't something I never do) and she couldn't tell because it was too early to show fluid.
she called me later and cancelled the surg and told me to get it on because I was oing on my own:
Can you request a blood draw to check your prog levels?? at 7dpo (suspected o) it is most accurate and will tell you if you did or did not ovulate.
what day are you now?

also a couple cycles ago (medicated) it seemed I o'ed, got cross hairs, had a shift and then a few temps before af ff pulled my crosshairs and deemed it anovulatory. I think if I did o that cycle it wasn't strong at all.

I'm really hoping it happens soon for you Jezzy.
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I am sorry Jezzy I do not know the answer to your question... good luck to you!!

BFN times two this morning! I took two because I was hoping the first one was wrong...: On day 31 for me... we didn't bd enough to be pregnant now... ..... where is that AF? I am getting frustrated.

Good luck to everyone today! Lets get some BFP this week!!!
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well, CD 1 for me here, so please move me to WAITING TO O.

so frustrated! why oh why is this taking so long/!?!?!?!?!
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