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My belly is HUGE

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I'm 16 weeks today... and here is the belly. :
Is anyone else this big? My belly button is already starting to pop.


(here's my 14 week picture - lot's of growth in the past two weeks! )
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Wow, that is a lot of growth! My belly isn't quite as big, but I'm not as far along as you are. I'm 14 weeks, 4 days, and I'm glad I'm almost finished telling everyone, because it's getting pretty obvious now.
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wow! I am so jealous!!

You look fabulous! I am 15 weeks Monday and still in regular pants!
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Wow - so cute! I don't think I'm that big, but almost. I'm a lot bigger to start with. I still do double takes in the mirrors, still not really used to the idea I'm pregnant again. I'm 16 weeks yesterday (Friday) and my due date is May 6th - so are you just hoping for late April, or which one of us has things wrong?
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WOW! You did pop! That's great! I love the full-on pregnant look! Congrats! You look great!!!!
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you are too cute! nice, BIG belly!
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That IS a lot of growth in two weeks! Holy moley! Your belly is beautiful! You wear the pregnancy well. Best wishes.

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Your not that big hun, i think i was bigger than that 10/12 wks with my dd caitlin
you have a lovely little bump there
take care
enjoy the rest of your pregnancy
p.s : i think my bellt button popped out at about 12 wks maybe earlier
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Nice bump! I'm only a week and a half ahead of you and my belly is at least as poppy as yours, so don't worry, you're not abnormal. I have been meaning to get up some belly shots, so I'll take a couple today, and get them on here...
I find that the belly has growth spurts. For me this time between 14 and 17 weeks was insane, and it's going to be interesting to see if it just keeps on growing like mad or sort of plateaus for a couple weeks.
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Yeah, I'm huge. I have the last two weeks pics on my neighbors camera, I'm taking another one tomorrow so I'll post them all then.

Your belly is too cute!
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I am right there with you! I am 16 weeks and feel huge and am about your size! My DH swears that the baby and I took a growth spurt last week! I finally had to break down and start wearing some maternity pants!
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You look great Mama! Enjoy!
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I have started to pop too, but harder to see due to my plus size status. Dh co-worker & I are due with in days of each other & he compares. She is a rail & has a ball in the front, LOL!
It is so nice to see the baby bump growing!!!
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WOW, lots of change there! i am somewhere in between those two pics, i think

so cute i'll have to start taking pics already. i kinda have no one around to do it for me, lol...maybe i can enlist my son's help hehe
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Originally Posted by emiLy View Post
I'm 16 weeks yesterday (Friday) and my due date is May 6th - so are you just hoping for late April, or which one of us has things wrong?
I had an early ultrasound which put my due date at may 6th... i just need to update the siggy
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I am a very skinny gal and dont look preggo. I have always hide my pregnancies well.

I will be 16 weeks tommorow and am "due" May 7th
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Wow, that's a lot of growth! What a beautiful baby belly!
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I am due May 7th, and I am sooooooo jealous of your cute belly! I wanna look pg! Well, then again, I am kind of glad that I only look a bit chubby. Helps to have started out being in size 14 though.
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My belly is JUST starting to get bigger... barely a lump in my shirt, but definitely a LUMP now, not just extra ME.
DH is loving it.... I'm starting to feel pg now and not just like I'm gaining weight. (and I'm not even gaining that much weight... about 10lbs so far but none in the last 3 weeks.)
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THat's a great belly! I think that's where I"ll be at 16 weeks. I have a belly now and my daughter keeps asking me to stick it out so she can hug her brother, but only those who knew me before will recognize it as a pregnancy. But we're gettiing there really quickly! Before you know it we'll all be complaining about how heavy and cumbersome our bellies are!

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