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Chart Help

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Can one of you who is more experienced with charting please look at mine?


I am almost 100% sure that I o'd on Monday. And *gasp* we BD'd Monday Morning so there's like a decent chance we caught it. However, FF hasn't given me a coverline yet. Can one of you look at it for me please?

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Yes, I agree with you on a Monday O, there is such a clear temperature shift. I am surprised that ff didn't give you a cover line yet.

And baby dancing was timed perfectly! I hope this will be it for you!

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Thanks Karen... I got my coverline this morning. No clue why it took 4 high temps instead of 3, but, hey, its there now.

now i'm officially 4 days into the 2ww. I have a 13 day LP, so i've got 10 days before i test. Its kind of surreal to realize that we timed it perfectly, thats a first for us... its like, OMG, we may be PG!!!!

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