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Co-sleeping with toddler already.

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I have a 2 1/2 dd with whom I already sleep with and her father. But with the baby on the way I am thinking of putting her in a toddler bed in our room (if it can fit); because the girl sleep wild already and I cant take it no more with her sleep on my back or head. The baby probably sleep with my for the first couple of weeks then after that he goes into his crib.

So what are you doing with your lil ones who already in your bed?
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Well... We have put a bed in both DD's room (a twin so one of us can lay with her) and a toddler bed next to our bed. But she sleeps with us! I have shifted night time parenting over to DH for the most part. He does bedtime and as long as he puts her down, she seeks him for comfort at night. I told DH it was up to him if he wanted to pursue getting her out of bed or not (since he will be dealing with her at night). He said he would rather she stayed in bed! SO, she is still in bed. She sleeps like a rock though and usually cuddles with Daddy, so it should be less trouble than if she was out of bed. We have a co-sleeper too, so our king and co-sleeper should be OK with baby in... We do have a crib for baby for naps and protection from his big sister but baby will sleep with us for the long haul (at least that is the plan, you never know, I suppose but DD has never spent a night w/out at least one of us!)
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Our original plan was to transition DS (also 2.5 right now) to a toddler bed, in his room or ours, but he showed zero interest in it despite our efforts so we gave up on it. Our new plan is to rearrange things and put the sidecarred crib on the other side of the bed, so he's sleeping next to DH, then the cosleeper on my side of the bed.

Fortunately DS is not a wild sleeper. He moves around, but not crazily and likes to cuddle while he sleeps (to make up for his lack of cuddliness during the day?). I'm not too worried about having him and the baby in bed with us since they'll be separated by DH and me.

I'm hopeful that he'll want to transition from our bed within a few months of baby being born, but we'll see
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I never really seen a toddler bed put together, but how big is it?
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We have a California King sized bed, so we're just all going to sleep together (As if DS would have it anyonther way )
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Originally Posted by kat85 View Post
I never really seen a toddler bed put together, but how big is it?
They use a crib mattress, so depending on the frame you use, they take up the same amount of floor space as a crib, though they look smaller because there's less frame to them than a crib. Some of them take up more space, like the ones that are car-shaped.
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We are getting a single matress that will move in beside our matress. Then we will take our boxspring off for now so taht we are at about the same height, and see what happens -- we'll try sleeping ds (26 mos) on the single matress beside us. But considering that the other night dh slept next to him and in the middle of the night our boy climbed over his sound asleep dad to sleep next to mom, I'm not sure what we're going to do -- my husband suffers emotionally if he doesn't sleep next to me, because he's not very cuddly during the day but still needs the affection, and ds likes to cuddle for at least part of the night.
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We moved DD's toddler bed from her room (where it was almost never slept on) into our room next to our queen-sized bed. She goes to sleep on her toddler bed alright, but always joins our bed in the middle of the night. My rule of thumb for her is that she can come to my bed after DH leaves for work (usually sometime between 1 and 3 AM) and then she nurses and sleeps with me for the rest of the night.

So post-baby, I'm hoping and praying she'll continue to sleep in her toddler bed and won't join me in the big bed until DH is gone for work so that I can sleep in the middle with the baby on one side and her on the other. We do have a crib set up just in case, but I really doubt we'll use it much.
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DH, DS, Baby and me in a king-size bed. Sometimes DS toys with sleeping on the chair and a half in our room, but I am not holding my breath! DS isn't a wild sleeper, so I think we will be fine.
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My 5 yr old has been in the bed since he was a newborn. He has become more of a wild sleeper...turning sideways, etc in the night.
I have no intention of having him sleep away from me until he is ready. So, having said that about my resolve, I have decided to sleep between my kids on a very large surface. A queen mattress next to a twin.
I do not feel comfortable with my 5 yr old sleeping next to the baby.
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We co-sleep with dd (21 months), have no intention of moving her out of our room, but we did move her toddler bed into our room and up against our bed. She usually starts out the night in there and at sometime...depending on how she is sleeping, and how she feels...she moves into the middle of our bed. There are some nights (she is getting over a cold right now, so there have been A LOT of nights recently) when I don't have a clue how on earth we will have a newborn and dd in our bed AND get sleep...but we will figure it out, we all love co-sleeping.
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Our 26 mo DD starts the night in a twin bed in her room, which is attached to our room by a door so it can essentially be one big room. When we go to bed we open the door between our rooms & whenever she wakes (usually 11-1'ish -- which is also when we're usually going to sleep so she's basically with us all night) she comes and climbs into bed between DH & I.

We have the crib sidecar on my side of the bed, just like we did for DD. We'll sleep with the baby in the sidecar and DD between us. They will occasionally be next to each other during the night, when the baby needs to nurse on my left side, but DD isn't a wild sleeper so it should go OK.

For the baby's really restless nights or if she's disturbing DD/DH a lot our plan is to either have me go into DD's bed (a VERY comfy twin) with the baby or have DH take DD into the twin. It will basically depend on what DD is willing to go along with at the time.

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