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Pagan Names

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A thread to discuss all kinds of names associated with paganism. Magickal names, childrens names, working names.......

Would you/Did you choose your childrens names to reflect your spiritual beliefs? Have you changed your legal name for the same reason? Do you have a special name that you use in your group or the pagan community at large?

For myself, I didn't call myself pagan 13+ years ago when I had dd so no her name isn't assocaiated with my beliefs.

I haven't changed my legal name, but I've thought of it...

At this time, I don't have a special group name.
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Hi A--

I also did not have the same beliefs I had back when I named my kids.

Now I like the names
Sophia (wisdom. I just got a koi and named her this )
Zoe (life)
Hypatia (one of the last great pagan teachers at Alexandria, Egypt, 4th century CE. She was murdered, dismembered, and warning--GRAPHIC---

had the flesh scraped off her bones with oyster shells, by a bishop approved Xtian mob.

Oh, I'm in a mood today, it seems. Ignore me...
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ds isn't named so much because of our pagan beliefs, but we did choose it because of it's meaning: peaceful. It does sound a little srtange, so people do tend to assume....

For our next children we've chosen similurely "strange" names, with the Greek/Latin theme.

For a boy, Lucius: light, bringer of light, or, my favorite: [b]enlightened[b/]!

For a girl, Lavinia - the only meaning I've been able to find is: "latin women." I'm still researching this one.

Or, a welsh name,
For a girl, Llyoness (or other veriations thereof) : Lioness of the water. This one was the most pagan name we've come up with, it's what ds would have been, had he been a girl.
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Oh yes, but ds does have a "magical name" / "working name." My sister first called him by this name. There is a joak in our family about "indian names." My uncle once told my brother (around age 15) that he would give him an "indian name." my uncle was a few shades to the wind when he said this, mind you. He said "you 'indian name' is: Cheif Long Dong!" :LOL My brother was amused, to say the least.

So, years latter, as my sister is walking in the door, she looks at my ds and say "you're 'indian name' is _______." It wasn't nearly as silly as my brother's "indian name." In fact, it was quite true! I looked at her for a minute, than looked at ds, and I said "You're right. That is his name, I just hadn't realized it."

It may sound silly, but it was very spiritual!
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My dd is Kaia Morgan. Kaia as an alternative spelling of Gaea, earth mother, and also apparently means "of the earth". Morgan for Morgan Le Fay (I'm a big fan of Arthurian Legends) and also because it means born, so her name together means "of the earth born".
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I named my son "ASHER" which is Hebrew for happiness.

However, in the book of Genesis which details his parentage, his mother was a pagan, and the name comes from "Asherah" a pagan goddess of the sea.

It is a name that is becoming very coool!

DH named him.
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From what I've read, Asherah is the Great Goddess. Asherteroth, Ishtar, Isis, even Esther, are all related.

(Just found out the name Paris, means para Isis, acc to one source. )

Name your next son Bel, you'll have it all covered!

( A few yrs ago, a cat adopted us. The kids named him Peter, after the TV show Pete and Pete, that used to be on Nick. B/c of his red hair. Well, now that I know more about the Biblical Peter, it sort of bothers me. Our Peter is sort of a "rock," kind of dimwitted. But he is calm, not hot headed. Since Peter was "the rock," I guess his nickname could be Rocky!)
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My DD's name is a goddess' name. I hoped it would inspire her.

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We waited till our dd was about 4 days old to choose a name for her.
Azsa: derived from Anastasia, means resurrection
Chi: center if life energy [in the body]
Satori: A buddhist word for enlightenment

Loosley interpreted to mean "resurrection of life energy and enlightenment."

She is beautiful.
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Azsa Chi Satori. So nice. But how does it go with your last name? Azsa Chi Satori Jones? Azsa Chi Satori McDonald? Just kiddin'! Maybe your last name is just as lyrical as the baby's names!

Out last name is clunky guttaral German, so we needed to be careful with first names.
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I picked ds's name for it's meaning; it means "fair skin" and boy, is he! As for magical names, that is the name that we choose for ourselves and it should not be known by others, according to wiccan belief.
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DD's is Liliana Maeve - Lili from Lilith, Aiana native american for Eternal Blossom, Maeve... Umm do I need to explain this?

THe bundle we are expecting is going to be Morrigan Brigid... As the above poster said regardign her DD Brigid.... Nuff said...

Yes, I have a particular affinity for Dark Goddesses. That andI listen to souls of my children - I name then what they tell me their name is.. I figure it's their name, they knwo what it is, who am I to question...
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Azsa Chi Satori has her own last name. It's Satori.
We decided she didn't need our names, she is her own person, after all. Besides, we wanted her name to be beautiful and my last name is one of the most common hispanic names in the world, my boyfriend's is very german sounding as well. They just didn't fit well. We're on her birth certificate!
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Hey MM, thx for getting back! That is really cool she has her own last name to go with her beautiful first and second names!

sayonara for now!
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Soleil was named after the sun, I am fully fire, and felt the fire in the baby I was carrying.
I am thinking of calling the next one Lugh if a boy-Sun God, or well, I have about a million names, all with different meanings...waiting to really 'know' which will be for this babe. At the time Soleil was born, I wouldn't have known to define myself or ourselves as pagans...but we have always felt the presence of the elements, quite strongly..especially fire in my lifetime!!



Ps:A~are you with child?????
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on no, no babies here

thanks for all the reponses you guys
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