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What colour do you use?

Poll Results: MDC colour

  • 59% (42)
  • 29% (21)
  • 11% (8)
71 Total Votes  
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Tan, lavender or blue?

I started out with tan, but didn't like it, so switched to lavender. After about 6 months I tried blue for 24 hours, but switched back to lavender. I like this one

How about you?
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Tan. Lavendar and blue are too much. They actually make me feel a little sick.
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I use tan.
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Tan. It's easier on my eyes and I like the, "naturalness" of it, lol. It seems more crunchy. It's nice though that they do offer options.
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Tan....very soothing.
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Tan but now that you mention it, I'm going to have to change to something else. I'm getting extremely bored of the tan.

It took me a while to figure out what this thread was about, of course.
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I use blue because the tan and lavander look so much alike and the lavander is way more green than lavender. I would definatly use lavender if it tured the whole screen that color like blue does.
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Okay, now I use "blue". It's gorgeous!!!
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lavendar on my desktop and tan on my laptop, lavendar just doesn't look good on the laptop for some reason
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I voted blue, but just switched to lavender.

Ooooh... pretty!
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I like the lavender.

Blue with the white sections is to hard on my eyes and tan just looks too plain. But purple has always been my favorite color!
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O.K. I feel kinda dumb...I didn't know I had a choice.
Tan was what came up and I didn't know I could change it. I like the tan.
How do you change the color?
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I didn't have any idea that I had a choice.
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Tan and lavender hurt my eyes :, they're too light for me or something. But I love the blue.
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