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Normally we get dsd for the long Thanksgiving weekend. She isnt excited to come down here, just kind of "okay, whatever" about it. Heres my problem...

We are in the middle of redecorating and trading off rooms so ds and the baby have the bigger of the 2 kids rooms. That room was dsd's. Right now, there is no where for her to escape ds and doesnt even have a bed because we had to get everything out of there. We thought it would be done by now, but it isnt.

Also, BM cant meet me like we usually do. She can if we wait until Thursday around noon, but our Thanksgiving dinner is at noon and Im making most of the sides and a ham for that. I could potentially make the entire drive, which is about 2.5 hours, but I would have to completely rearrange ds's nap and bedtime schedule to do it plus make him sit in his carseat for 4-5 hours.

So, between her not having a bedroom at the time, the long trip for both myself (30 weeks pregnant) and ds, some minor car trouble we need to get checked out and the sleep problems that will definitely happen because of the drive, I have to ask if you would do it. DSD wont be bothered if we dont get her. Shes going out of town with BM if we dont.
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I would skip it and schedule an alternate weekend, if biomom is okay with it. Assuming it's okay with everyone else involved (Dad?)

OTOH, I wouldn't expect a child to be excited about a Thanksgiving visit, but that doesn't necessarily mean she won't feel hurt on some level if it's just cancelled. Which is why I would do an alternate weekend if at all possible.
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I wasnt saying she should or would be excited about a Thanksgiving visit, but I thought we would get more than an, "Ummmm...Nothing better to do...sure."

She is coming. It worked out so we didnt have to have our 2yo strapped into his carseat for 4-5 hours to get her and I didnt have to be driving for 4-5 hours (Im 30 weeks pregnant...long car rides dont sit well at this point) either.

Im so excited because I miss her so much. Shes my girl and its been awhile since shes been here because shes got things going on with school and shes in a cheerleading camp on Saturdays. Im so happy to have her here for the next 5 days.
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Mel, where in MI are you? Are you the momma in Waterford?
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Nope, Im not in Waterford. Im not even sure that I know where Waterford is

Im in Southwest MI.
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