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Protest ideas

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I live in a small city that for some reason has money for some improvement things. But they are all asthetic. There are lots of kids here. There is no decent playground. And I don't mean deluxe or beautiful or exciting. I mean just not very dangerous. There are numerous ways in which the "playground" that we have are huge accidents waiting to happen. Anyway, the mayor seems to only care about the tourists. Hence the flowers, new roads and spotlights. But no place for all the kids to play.
So how do I get the mayor to listen?

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Maybe write up a petition and pass it around the neighborhood or at the playground? Then present it at a city council meeting? Getting a few people together to speak as a group can be pretty powerful at the local level. Of course, you can always write letters, send e-mails, letters to the editor and such as well.

You are right in thinking that the kids should take priority. Good luck!
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2nd the petition idea. Going around to all the mothers you know with their own copies of the petition, so it gets the widest circulation ... along with a few letters to local paper editors ... just to start the ball rolling ...

Good luck ...
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Write letters to local newspapers, as well as those with slightly wider ranges, and try to get others to do so as well. Call local radio stations.

Visit, call, and write local politicians' offices and get others to do this too.

You might want to see if it is something you could bring up at a council meeting or some similar local political event. If so, prepare materials and get as many people together as you can to support you.

See if you can get any local celebrities on your side, and use them!!!
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