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Originally Posted by AntoninBeGonin View Post
Also, and this is simply my opinion, I think that we should all try to practice gentle living by accepting that anyone who takes the time to post is trying their best based on their life experiences and what they know about gentle living, and that the best responses to those less than stellar remarks should encourage gentleness, understanding, and perhaps a book recommendation rather than hateful comments like "why the hell are you posting on this board and I hope you never have kids because you really suck dog farts."

Let's try to be nicer all around. (Myself included! : )

I've been incredibly busy with the holidays these past few days & haven't had a chance to respond at all. When I read this the other night I laughed so hard I think I peed myself a little.

My ds hasn't done it since. I got him one of those new light show night lights & he seems satisfied with that at night for now. I haven't gotten to the medical supply store yet to find the urinal but he seems to be getting up at night to go to the bathroom fine as long as the pathway is lit.

I used to be so afraid of the dark, too. Like I told him, sometimes people cannot understand how that affects a person because they've not experienced it. For the few of you on this thread who seem want to judge him for this act, you don't understand....apparently you can't understand. I'm so glad, for his sake, he's my child & not yours. I don't claim to always handle things the best way, but in this instance I'm pretty shocked at the few harsh suggestions & disappointed that those are coming from someone at MDC. I've left the negative, unhelpful comments where they lie because they are of no use to me.

He doesn't seem to be sleepwalking when he's doing this....I think it's a conscious choice. In his mind, the consiqences of the action are worth it if it means he doesn't have to face whatever is scaring the crap out of him in the dark. I can understand that. I don't like it but I understand. I think it's very important for him to take responsibilty for his actions, which is why he had to clean it up. It's NOT okay to pee on the carpet. I never said it was, nor do I think anyone else thinks his reason for peeing on the carpet make it okay.

I am having him re-evaluated at the nearest public school to see if some of his behaviors are more than your typical child with ADHD. He does have some Asperger's traits & I need to know how to better help him grow up to be a functioning member of society. I'll update when I know more.

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I am glad that so far the lights are working out, that is wonderful. I just wanted to say that I can totally feel for your DS. My husband and I moved into a house a few years back that was really, really frightening. I mean, there was some crazy, scary stuff that happened there.... enough so that we only stayed for 3 weeks (and my husband doesn't believe in the paranormal, but he was scared enough to pack his bags to live in a moving truck rather than stay there any longer). Anyhow, at 20 years old, I was so frightened in this house that I gave myself a bladder infection because I REFUSED to get out of bed at night to pee. I would lay awake all night holding it in, but just couldn't get out of the bed because I was afraid of what I would see in the next room or around the corner if I tried to walk there. and this was at 20! I can really feel with a 12 year old who is so frightened by the dark and things that he sees and hears in the dark. I am so happy for your son that he has you as his mom.... someone who is kind and gentle and understanding and patient! Keep at it, mama!
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Another entry in the "everything should be this simple" catagory: After a move, ElderSon, at 7 or so, started wetting the bed. Oh, no, an emotional response to moving! He must be so upset and can't express it! I even got as far as looking into referrals for counselling. Well, it took a week or so, but we finally figured it out. We had moved from a warm, tropical climate to the mountains. He had never had his feet be cold in his life. The hardwood floors just felt too weird to him. We solved the problem - he started wearing socks to bed!

I don't mean to either make light of the OP's situation, or suggest that her situation is the same. Just thought it was a funny story, and sometimes the solution to a problem is so much simpler than it seems.
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Originally Posted by Bartock View Post

Well I use to pee on my carpet at 16 : I was in a foster home and had major probs from my step dad, I say get him in concelling or something, there has to be some kinda underlying problem.

I have to ask, why did you use to pee on the carpet? What did that do for you? And I am asking you this very sincerely because I am having this problem with my now 13 year old son and it is not done in the middle of the night and I am so frustrated and concerned for him. Never mind how angry I am about the physical damage it is doing to our house.

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