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What do you call bfing in your family?

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My daughter is only 7.5 mo old but I am wondering what I should be calling nursing for when she gets older and can call it something. I normally say nummies, milky, or boobie. What do you call it in your family?
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We decided not to use a special name for breastfeeding. Instead, we have tried to consistently ask "would you like to nurse?" and do the sign for milk. Now that she is talking, DD has come up with her own term for it -- "nah" -- which she yells out very enthusiastically wherever we are! ;-)
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My ds either calls it nurse or nurnie, depending on how tired he is.
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I did the same thing as mommaLiz, and by the time Beth was 7 months she was calling it "nana," so that is what we call it now.

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We have always called it "nursie" and have recently begun to use the sign for "milk." I would die a thousand deaths of embarassment if DD asked for "boobie" in public!
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My DS asks to "nurse please" but has recently become interested in naming all the different body parts and sometimes asks specifically for my "nipple" (he knows the difference between nipple, breast, and chest!) I think it's pretty cool, but my mom got a little red when DS pointed out my nipple to her.
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I always just asked, "Would you like to nurse?" or "Would you like to do some nursing." Despite that, my son coined his own special phrase for nursing when he was about 18 months old-- and he calls it "over." He also calls my breasts my "overs." He knows the real terminology but prefers to use his own. BTW, he is 2.5 years old and goes around telling people, verbatim, "When I eat, my food slides down my esophagus and ends up in my stomach." He's got the rest of the human anatomy down, but not he "overs!"
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i say you want a boob whereever iam im not ashamed at all i figure my kid has to eat where ever whenever and when he gets older illask dou want to eat like i sometimes do now i get a lot of oh thats gross but its my own choice
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We call it 'nurse' or 'nursies'. My son sometimes calls my breasts my 'nursies', but he knows they are called breasts. I've never used 'boob' or any other slang for those parts of myself. My mom called them breasts and that is what they are.
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We say Chee Chee....in Mayan, to nurse is called Choo Choo, so I use that and DS says Tsu Tsu because he can't say Choo Choo.

The older kids in my family (nieces and nephews) who are no longer nursing call it Chee Chee Baba because some kids nurse and others use a bottle, so those who use a bottle get a Baba and those who nurse get a Chee Chee Baba. I have a big family, so it's common to see the older kids taking care of the little ones, they'll come by and let you know that your kid needs a Chee Chee Baba....it's cute, they know who gets what.....Jeez, was this OT or what?
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We use "nummies" here. Sometimes "numa", but usually "nummies" or "nummy". Dd is pre-verbal, but she definitely know what "nummies" means. I like being nummy...
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My son Noah (17.5 months old) calls it "mop mop." I *think* he is trying to say "milk," but "mop mop" is way cuter!
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zoey is weaned now, but tho i always asked "do you want to nurse" she started asking for "milkies" and thats what she always said...

doey milkies.
doey nee milkies (zoey needs milkies)
or just
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Our 19 mo. old dd calls nursing "boo-a." It's her own little phrase that I think was probably derived from boob, which is what we used to call it when she was an infant (we stopped saying it around 8 mo. and started saying nurse instead). She calls her preferred side "heavy boo-a," and the lesser used side "baby boo-a," making me all the more self-conscious of my lopsidedness!

Amy, mom to Tsuneo, 09/12/01
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Dd says "milk pleeeeeease!" , but she knows nipple and breast and loves to point them out..on eveyone
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I've always asked DD if she "wants to nurse". She calls my breasts "nursies" and my nipples "nippies". Generally, she'll just say "I want to nurse". If she's hurt or upset, she'll say "I want the nursie to help"
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We say ninny or nummies!

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I say num-nums, Xander asks for "mum- mums".

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My dd is weaned now, but she would say " pecho " which is spanish for breast. In spanish when a mother is nursing it is called " dando pecho " which means giving breast. She likes to point out when babies are " drinking pecho ".
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Ana calls it "Chi-Chi" - hence my name here

DH is Mexican, and that's what they call it I guess. I didn't care too much for it at first (I'd prefer to use 'actual' names) but now I think it's cute, especially when dd goes "Mama, Chichi... Chi-chi, mama!!"
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