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When dd #1 was nursing (weaned at 3yo) I called it nummies, but she turned it into munnos. Now with #2, I try not to call it anything in particular to see what she comes up with on her own. I ask her if she wants to nurse or eat or if she's hungry but don't give it a name.
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I have a very non verbal 15 month boy. When he wants nurse he says "mmmmmmmmmmm" in such a sweet tone.

My best friend nursed her dd until she was three and made the fatal mistake of calling it "titty". So, when Anna wanted to nurse she would scream "titty" no matter where she was. One time she screamed it all through the grocery store. My friend kept saying "yes, Anna, kitty, kitty" in hopes no one would here her yell "TITTY"

Oh, they are so sweet at that age

We call it nursers oddly enough. I ask him if he wants to nurser and he replies, "mmmmmm". What a sweet baby
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My son always called it "DO". I guess I would always ask "Do you want to nurse?"so he picked it up. My daughter has no verbal word for nursing yet but she will climb into my lap, pat my breast and make the sign for more so she gets the message across!
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DD had difficulties with dairy and I worried that if she asked for milk someone would give her cows milk, so I started calling it mama juice-

With dd I sign the nursing sign, and ask if he wants to nurse or if he wants mama juice (since dd is still nursing)
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I have encouraged ds, now 23 months, to say mimi (or as he says meh-meh, very softly- it's so sweet). At first, we called them boobs, but I didn't really want him to learn to say that.
An acquantance of mine watched a little 5-year old girl who really liked breasts, and for some reason, she called them mimi's. I thought that was really cute, and a good word for them. Plus, sort of close to milk, and easy to say.
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