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need advice...

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Okay, I saw my MW today and since the baby is looking good, I asked her what was the point in continuing with the ultrasounds and NSTs. Could I just wait and schedule an NST if I go post-dates. She said that she could not make that call, that it was up to the doctors at the hospital and to go ahead and ask when I went in today. So, I subjected my baby to another round and unfortunately the creepy doctor was on today (the one that said "either you have a very small baby or you're sick"). I've concluded that he's pretty clueless. Duh, right? So he said to come back on Friday. After a 2 hour wait at the end of the day and having to fend off a trainee technician who want to practice on me, I really didn't feel like arguing. So, here are my options:

1. Don't show up on Friday. Make up an excuse of some sort?
2. Ask my MWs to call the hospital and push for a break from the testing since everyone agrees the baby is fine.
3. Call the hospital myself and try to talk with a doctor I know is reasonable and intelligent and tell her I don't get the point of all this and to let me just schedule one appointment for next weeks when I'm 40+.

Btw, I am not against using tears if it'll get me what I want.

I'm tired and I just want to enjoy my last days with my DD and my pregnant body and relax. I'm sick of these doctors and tired of MWs who go blithely along with the perinatalogists.

Better yet, if I just have the baby this weekend I won't have to deal with these people any longer!

Wishing I'd planned an HBAC!
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I sense your frustration.


I know what a pain having all those tests is.
Hang in there.

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I'd do #2.

What is all the testing for, if they've determined everythings ok? Is it because you are a vbac? If they are starting on this path of intervention now, you better arm yourself with ammunition for labor
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Yes, I am fearful of interventions. I'm praying that the gods will smile upon me and give me one of two midwives that I trust and cooperative nurses at the hospital. The MWs do have to maintain good working relationships at the hospital and the hospital policies are becoming more and more restrictive for VBACs. I'm sure they're frustrated, but not nearly as much as I am! For instance, when I first switched to this practice, I was told that I could get off the monitors and use the shower. Now that has changed. And I was told that whether or not I could say no to the baby being taken to the nursery or whether not I'd have to have an IV also depends on who is on duty at the time. One of the MWs worked for years out of the last free standing birthing center nearby, which was closed to do soaring insurance costs, so I'm sure they want to make sure they can continue their work and continue taking women who are going for VBACs. Fortunately, I have a great doula who can help me labor at home and really understands me.

Anyway, as for the tests. There was some concern that the placenta was not doing its job and that the baby was not growing (IUGR). But now that this has been disproven, I really don't see why I need to spend half my day, two days a week at the hospital, especially when everyone is telling me to rest.
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Personally I'd do #1. That way you are less likely to step on toes that might come back to haunt you. It also takes the pressure off the midwives. I'm not saying it isn't the more wimpy option but it is what I'd do if I was in your position. Like my midwife says, just because they want to do a test it is still your body and you do have the right to say no. But then my midwife is a bit of a little firecracker. Very un-Swedish of her.

Just think....in a few weeks this will all be a distant memory. Try not to let it stress you (I know I know listen to my own advice!) and relax....stress isn't helping either of us start labor.
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Originally Posted by sunshine*girl View Post
....stress isn't helping either of us start labor.
This is one of the main reasons I don't want more tests!!
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If I were you I would go with #1. I'm thinking of making up an excuse to miss my Friday NST and ultrasound (only because I'm going in for one today). I think a mama in the end stages of pregnancy has enough stress without adding tons of tests and talk of induction and c-sections!
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I went through this exact thing with my ds. After I had him and even when I was going through all the tests I knew it was ridiculous BUT I never did anything about it and WISH that I had told them no more tests because they eventually found something to be alarmed with. They said he had poor tone, hadn't moved during the ultrasound (uh, sleeping?) and everyone panicked! Scarred the crap out of me but get this when he was born the first thing the doc. said was "Wow this kid's got great tone!" I wanted to jump up and punch him. Oh also, right before he was born the doc said this baby is going to come out dancing (because he was moving so much). He ended up being c-section because of all their concerns, big mistake!
It sounds like you really know this is all bs, listen to yourself and follow your instincts, I wish I had. Good luck you can do this and your baby is PERFECT!
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#1 and make up some crazy excuse.

You keep us posted, citymama! I am cheering for you....

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