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Can I be next??

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Jeez it seems everyones popping out there babies lmao . Every day a new one pops up it seems when i come and read the december ones. I want mine here well in 2 more weeks at least, i turn 35 weeks tomorow so anytime 36 weeks or later is fine by me but gosh darnit i wanna be next lmao. just not on thanksgiving either. my husband said he would make his friend drive me to the hospital if that happened lmao so eh could enjoy thanksgiving dinner but i dunno how that would work when me and my friend brandy are the ones cooking it hehe. 2 people popped on bdays , nov 15 was my moms bday and nov 19 was mine hehe. there are alot of november bdays in my family so i need a december one my lil girl can come anytime in december just as long as its before xmas

omg i busted my butt yesterday cleaning my house even moving furniture to sweep and mop under it etc people think im nesting but eh hubby told me to clean and iw as on a roll so i kept going and now im sore lol
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Well...not before me hopefully!!!!!!! I'm 38 weeks 4 days!
I've broken family tradition with not being two weeks early (Grandmother, Mother and Sister were all two weeks early with their first)
So i do honestly feel in limbo at the moment. Especially since I'm now on Maternity leave.
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i would hope you pop before i do lmao. or u will be one miserable person, my son was 2 days late. but this pregnancy ive been really active etc but we will see it would be nice to have her early but eh who knows i could go 2 weeks over.
they arent a fan of inducing here at all
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