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Definitely in labor...

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contrax are short (30 sec) but 2-6 min apart...not a 'good' pattern yet, but water broke and continues to release a gush at a time--wet 4 pads and now in depends!!! (note to others--go get some depends for labor AND after birth!)
Trying to rest--may have a long night--try to update since this is a good distraction...

Add--contrax feel like a belt tightening around lower belly and back--very low...I'm starting to not be able to talk thru--and practicing breathing patterns I learned from hypnobirthing...
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Happy birthing day! I hope that you have a wonderful birth!

After you have your babe, would you send some labor vibes my way?
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Yay, yay, yay! So happy for you! Good luck!
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Hooray!! Awaiting your birth story!
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ooooo how exciting, I love these posts!
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I am SO jealous!

Here's hoping for a lovely birth experience!
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whooo hoooo!!! hope you have a wonderful, peaceful, gentle birthing day!!

and i agree, send some of that labor dust our way?

congrats and can't wait to read your birthing story!
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Yay, Bobbi!!!!!!!!!

Praying that all goes well - both with the birth and with hubby being able to watch via the web.

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YEAH MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying everything goes well for you!!!!!!
Cannot wait to hear how it goes!
YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!
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Yay!!! I am soooooo excited for you!!!!! Good luck!!
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Good Luck, Mama. Wishing I was in your position. Hope all goes well!
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Good luck! Hope all goes well for you and baby!
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WooooHooo! I bet your snuggling with your little one right now!!!
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