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I made a car seat cover!

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Just wanted to post some brag photos of some car seat covers that I just made!



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Those are sooo cute! and probably MUCH easier to remove for cleaning!!! were they hard to make?
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FYI it voids the carseat warrantees to put an aftermarket cover on the seat.

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I didn't remove the original car seat cover I just placed this one over it to protect the seat for easier cleaning etc... plus to make it a little bit cuter!
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Doesn't matter. You've added an aftermarket product.

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well i think it's adorable!
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Alegna, ??? not being snarky, I just want to understand. How would it make a difference? I mean (and not to be decietful...) how would the company even know, if you had to return for a warranty covered problem? It sounds like it is a removable cover that pops on and off. All the OP would do is remove it. ???
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It would depend on the situation. I'm just sharing the information that adding anything aftermarket like that to a car seat is a big no no.

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hmm i see your point angela. I have plans on making one, but i think i'll call the carseat manufacturer first and see what they say. Does aftermarket include those seatbelt covers?

And i think that they would know if you were in an accident, and something failed. They couldn't be held accountable, etc.
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Sorry for butting in--I'm not a normal part of the crafts forum, but was lurking and I know the answer to the question. The issue is that any aftermarket products alter the seating of the straps, how far away from the plastic frame of the seat the baby sits, etc. The testing that is done on any seat is done with that seat EXACTLY as shipped, with (or without) strap covers, etc. The big problem with aftermarket covers is that they are typically a different thickness or softness than the original cover. That means that in a crash, the new cover will compress and shift in a different way than would have happened with the original cover. This could theoretically place the child in danger. The worst-case scenario is an aftermarket cover that's very soft and puffy (which is often exactly what parents want). The parents put the baby in the seat, often in a nice soft puffy snowsuit or coat, and in order to fit everything in they have to loosen the straps. They tighten the straps enough to look and feel correct, but in a crash the soft cover and the soft coat compress, making the straps suddenly very loose. The child can experience much higher crash effects or even "squirt" right out of the straps in that (extreme, but possible) situation.

Knowing the physics of it, I think the least dangerous but still cute cover would be one with NO padding, just the thickness of a bedsheet or something. However, car seat experts have a blanket non-recommendation of ANY aftermarket products (including sheepskin or padded strap covers, those little head stabilizers, any Bundle-Me-type "coats" that are any thicker than microfleece, etc). For the same reason, they strongly recommend against puffy or padded coats or jackets.
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Those are just awesome rbriansgirl! I have the exact same carseat and a burning desire to make some of my own - any tips?
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Originally Posted by alegna View Post
FYI it voids the carseat warrantees to put an aftermarket cover on the seat.

That stung! Being someone who sews and crafts as well (I don't know if you do Alegna), I think it would have been better if you could have at least acknowledged the OP's hard work and excitement over a job well done (and you have to admit she did a great job) before posting the FYI and then maybe post a little something to make her feel better about (maybe) a wasted effort (and I'm not saying it's a wasted effort either). It never hurts to be compassionate.
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those are wonderful!! i was thinking of making some.. did you use a pattern?
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those look great, i am curious as to what pattern you used, great job mama!
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Thanks Mamas! I didn't know about the warranty issue or I wouldn't have posted this. I no longer have a warranty on my car seat so not really an issue for me... I didn't use a pattern because I couldn't find any that were toddler sized, only infant. I did see tons of covers on sale on ebay made by WAHM that were ~$70-100. I did a lot of experimenting and made a lot of versions until I made one that I liked. I don't have an actual pattern yet, for those interested. I will definately share it with whoever is interested as long as they know the risks about warranties etc... I just used tissue paper to trace the size of the seat of the carseta and then a seperate piece for the back and then the inner arm as two pieces. I used a thin batting and had a muslim on the inside so it is three layers, top fabric, batting, muslim lining. for the outer edge I sewed strips of fabric together and gathered it, then used extra wide double bias tape around that to put elastic through. This makes it easy to slip on and off and still give it a good grip to the car seat. Then I made button holes where the straps will come through. I don't know if these directions help at all but I would gladly post a tutorial with pics if I can ever get my camera to work again....:
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id love to see a tutorial, let me know if you make one!
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Originally Posted by rbriansgirl View Post
i like them all but LOVE princess one, great job on that
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I heart the first one!
Great job designing the cover!
Where's the tutorial? It looks like fun!
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simplicity makes a pattern. I haven't used it though
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Kwik Sew also makes a pattern.. I'm hoping my mom will sew me one... our car seat is past the warranty period as well.
There are some gorgeous but very pricey ones at http://www.lillyanneme.com.
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