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Who vaginally birthed their 1st "BIG" baby?

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My MW thinks my baby (my 1st) is going to be on the big side.... I have had the same suspicion all through my pregnancy. I need some encouragement that I can do this naturally.... I know my body will make the right baby for it but ACK that sounds like a lot of baby!!!!
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You can do it mama! My first was 10 lbs 6 oz and he was born vaginally. My only regret is that I caved to an induction because they suspected he was big. The induction was horrible and led to one intervention after another.

You can definitely do it! Your body is meant to do it!
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Me! Me! I vaginally birthed our 10 lb. 9 oz. dd, with only a tiny tear. You can do it mama! FYI, if they think your baby is big, they will most likely push HARD for an induction or c/s. My mw/ob did and I had to fight every step of the way to avoid both.
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My mil had a natural, vaginal birth with her 11lb, 4oz son. (not my dh) I am always in awe of that story.
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Everyone exclaimed over how big my baby was (1st babe), but these babies sound BIG Ds was born vaginally at 9.1 I really thought the labor was just fine. I did tear quite a bit, but I really didn't notice. My husband jokingly asked me immediately after the birth if I was ready to have another one. I said yes without another thought Definitely wasn't traumatic. What a great experience! No intervention, completely natural homebirth!
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my first was 9lbs 2 oz and i was only 16 and per pregnant weight of 103lbs myself... i was only 5 days past my EDD, but i pushed for 2 1/2 hours i had had an epidural for 10 hours before that since i was 4 cm along... it was long labor, then i ended up with focepts instead of a c section ds heart rate droped after 2 hours and the dr was called in by my midwife b/c she knew i didn't want a c section so i opted for forcepts inseat it wasn't fun, it was awful, but i think it would have been much better if i hadn't had the epidural for that many hours before...
i then had two more 9lbers but with awful drs who did episiotmies still b/c baby was just to big..next baby will be deliver in a Birth center and i will make it will know that i will tear and NOT get another epis.
you can do it mama!!!
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I gave birth to my first, a 9 lb 10 oz baby boy, on Friday. Despite his size and the fact that I had to be induced for preeclampsia, it was a relatively quick, easy birth. I think genetics has a lot to do with it - my mother gave birth to large babies without undue difficulty, so it wasn't terribly surprising that I was able to do the same.

Good luck with the birth! I think you'll really enjoy having a large newborn. As a first time mother, it's very reassuring - they don't seem quite so fragile or breakable, and a lot of the large babies I've seen seem to have more control over their muscles and aren't as "floppy."
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My first was 9lbs 6oz and I was able to birth him vaginally even after unfavorable conditions (induction with low bishop, epidural, pushign lithotomy, etc). I'm thankful that my MW predicted his size inaccurately in the opposite direction (she thought he was about 7.5 lbs). I think if I had been told he was going to be big that could have led to some fears and cause problems. Definitely work on getting your confidence up before the birth. You CAN do this mama!!!!!!! I really think size means very little. I have a relateively small frame and I had no problems what so ever. Believe in yourself! My 2nd was also 9lbs 6oz, but he had a 15 inch head, yikes! I didn't even tear with him. I would recomend not pushing on your back (duh!). I would say you have the best chance if you avoid interventions. If you are birthing in a hospital don't get the epidural and don't push on your back and don't allow coached pushing. A lot of people recomend squatting but I found my pelvis opened wider while on my knees leaning forward. Just try different positions and see what works.

Of course your MW could be way off and you could have a 7 lber, lol. FWIW, I think big babies are flippin' adorable!!!!!!

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My first was 9lbs 13oz, and I was only 17 years old. No induction, born vaginally, no complications.
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Coming from a race whose average babies are 6 pounders, I vaginally gave birth to a "big" baby who was 8lb 9oz.
Induction with Pitocin, no pain meds, very minimal tearing (one tear, one stitch- doc was even rethinking if stitching was needed. He did anyway for "support"-whatever that means)
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dd#1 (20months old now) was 9lb 4oz - born naturally in a hospital

dd#2 (17 days old!!!) was 10lb 14oz - born naturally in the water at home - her birth was avtually quicker and easier than my first

Don't let anyone scare you - your body will not make a baby bigger than you can handle - good luck!
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The babies in my family always run big. I was 9lb11oz, dh almost 10lb, our first daughter 9lb15oz. Granted, she was an unneccessary c/s, so I didn't actually get the chance to birth her vaginally, but I'm preggo with #2 right now and sure that it will be 10lbs or more. You can do it. Keep in mind that the silly 7lb average figure is out of date and based upon all babies born, including those who are premature or have some problem that puts them in the <5lb range. I don't even consider anything in the 9lb range as that big, and I think that would be a healthy mindset for everyone, pregnant moms and obs to adopt.
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My first was 9 lb. 8 oz. and my second was 9 lb. 4 oz.

The second was definately easier, but both were just fine. Only a small tear the first time. My midwife predicted bigger for my first than he actually was and I was scared! But he turned out smaller.

The second time around, I was told he was prob. about 7 lbs. nope.

You'll do fine - whatever happens. Good luck to you!
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1st was 9lbs 11oz with only a slight tear, no stiches, no intervention.

2nd 10lbs 4oz same as above.

You can do it!!
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My first was born after 3 hours of labor and 5 minutes of pushing and was 9 lbs. I did have an episiotomy, though it healed quickly and nicely. My second was smaller, 8 lbs 9 oz, born after 2 hours of labor and 4 pushes. I did have a labial tear with my second because the delivery went so quick.

I was induced with both.
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Mine will be the smallest on the thread at 9 lbs. even, but I had him at home with a 4 hour labor and maybe 15 minutes of pushing. No big deal. I did tear, but it healed without stitches.
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I birthed three big babies. The smallest was 9lb 8 oz, the others 10lb 4 and 10lb 8. Their size honestly made no difference. I tore a little first time, but not at all with #s 2 and 3.

You can do it! My babes carried all their weight on their thighs, anyway, and that makes no difference - it's the head you've got to push out!!
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9 lbs 4 oz at home. You can do it!
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I'm pregnant with my first (39 weeks) and expecting a good-sized babe myself. And I'm not that worried. Here's why: My mother, who is smaller than I am, had great labors with all three of her children. I weighed 9 lbs, 9 ounces. I was the smallest. My brother weighed 10-1. Her labor with me was 12 hours; my sister's was 8 hours; my brother's was only 6 hours. The issues isn't really the size; it's positioning. Fat is squishy, after all.
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Both of my sisters had nearly 10 lb first babes with midwives and nothing but TLC and no issues whatesover. .

My babes were all born at home, but the biggest was 7.7, so I can't comment for myself. Both of my sisters are regular sized women.
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