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You can do it! My ds was "big" (by the OB's standard... just short of 9lb). He was my first and I only pushed for 10 minutes (don't ask how long I labored... I was induced). The midwife, OB, and nurses all guessed he would be around 7 or 7 1/2 pounds (he was born at 39 weeks). It was a bit of a shocker when he came out
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My ds was 9.9 lbs born w/o intervention at a birth center in a hostipal.

My advice is to stay at home as long as possible to avoid anyone managing your birth and don't allow them to direct you during pushing.

You can do it!!!
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My ds was 9 lbs 6 oz born at home with no interventions and I only torn a tiny bit - didn't even need stitches! I have a small frame too. You can definitely do it!
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My own first baby was really tiny for this thread - only 7 lbs 11 oz, but this year of I have attended first time moms who birthed babies that were 9 lbs 7 oz (and this mama was 17 yrs old) 9 lbs 15 1/2 oz (and this baby managed to pee and poop before we weighed him, so was definitely over 10 lbs to start) and most recently - 10 lbs 14 oz. Earlier this year I had a very tiny first time mom have a baby who was 9 lbs 7 oz, too - the parents and I were really shocked by this one.
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Originally Posted by notneb View Post
I think genetics has a lot to do with it - my mother gave birth to large babies without undue difficulty, so it wasn't terribly surprising that I was able to do the same.
Yeah, that.

My mom had big babies too so it seems only natural that I would have big babies and birth them just fine.
First was 8 lbs 14.5 oz (hospital induction)
Second was 10 lbs. 12.5 oz (homebirth turned into transport)
Third was 10 lbs 7 oz (home waterbirth)
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My DS was 9# 1.4 oz, and posterior. I pushed him out in 45 minutes even with the epidural (not even gonna go into how I ended up with one of those stupid &%^% things...: ) I did have a few stitches, but I think it is b/c I had my jaw clenched and mouth tight instead of loose and relaxed, had I read Ina May's guide to childbirth during my first pregnancy, I would have known better. Also, at crowning I kept pushing, and apparently you're supposed to take a break, and just relax and breathe to give your body more time to slowly stretch.
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Congrats on the baby!

As many have said - be grateful for a 'big baby' - I seriously never worried about the health of my little orangutan - he was always very healthy, alert, and strong.

He was 9lbs 9oz - funny how I can usually brag about that, but not here - all of you Momas have me passed.

I was induced, not by choice, but by my own ignorance.
I was 8 days passed my 'EDD'.

I was put on a great deal of pitocin, after they broke my water - it was awful. I will never get pitocin again. After a few hours of, not so good pain management - I recieved an epidural.

Pushed for two and a half hours, on my back.
I had an awful nurse - and next time, (hopefully birth centered) I will ask for another nurse.
She was impatient and snotty - finally, as I birthed him - she looked at him, and said "Wow. He's huge." - No kidding dollface.

I did tear - but I do not believe I was ready to push, I had not felt the urge to push yet, and I remember putting my body through more than it wanted to - I was at ease going a slower, steadier pace - never really tired. Yet, she kept pushing and pushing me to go faster, faster.


Know yourself. Stick up for your baby and body.

You can definitely do it.

Edit: I'm small framed - prepregnancy pant size of 2 - and I'm back there, but I wont even mention how much I weighed at 41 weeks. Eeek!
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Ugh, I was just in Babies R Us and this woman was talking about how her baby boy was 10 lb. at birth and "OF COURSE I didn't do that naturally, it was a c-section!" not that surprising as most people around here are pretty mainstream when it comes to birth, and it WAS BRU, but still sad.

These are the kinds of things that make us think we can't do what our bodies were meant to do!!!
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All 3 of mine were big and born vaginally. My first was 10 lbs 10 oz, and I managed a vaginal delivery despite a hospital induction. My third (born yesterday!) was 11 lbs, 2 oz!
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our first 10 lbs 5 oz
#2 10 lbs 11 oz
#3 9 lbs
#4 12 lbs

all v no drugs....

I say have a good birth
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My dd wasn't that big, she was only 8lbs 2oz. But she did have a big head. Her head was 15" around. She had a nuchal hand too(hand up near her face on the way out). I only pushed for an hour and ten minutes.

I had a doctor tell me years prior that I would have difficulty giving birth because of my small pelvis. I wanted to go back to see her and :nana:
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I delivered by first baby at 18, and she weighed in at 9lbs 5oz..no meds at all. I did tear a lot though. I'm also "small" by obstetrical standards. 5''5 and am usually a size 5.
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My first was big. He was 10lbs 8oz, and 24inches. He had his hand up by his head and his head was big. He did get stuck, because of his hand by his head. Also, his water never broke, and he was born in the caul.

But I pushed him out, in about six or seven pushes. And I have absolutely no hips, and look like I would be too small. I had one small tear, but it healed fine.

I've been told more than once that there's no way I should have been able to have him naturally, or as fast as I did.

Oh, well. :
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My dd was 9lbs 9oz. I birthed her no problem, even though she was posterior. I was induced, and given an epidural after 36 hrs of labor (note to self - never agree to induction again!!). Took me 1 1/2 hrs to push her out, and that was pretty much the easiest part of labor!

They scared me into the induction by saying she was 9lbs 14oz - I was 2 week overdue, and they wouldn't let me go any longer anyway. Can you tell I had a lot to learn about what you can say no to?

You can do it - don't let them scare you!
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We can ALL birth big babies!

Go Mom! Just believe in yourself (I know, I know. . . so many questions with your first, but there's lots of inner strength you can pull from other experiences).

My first was 9lb 14.25oz. I had had one 25mg shot of Demerol (normally prescribed in batches of 4 shots X 25mg as a "starter", I was told) 3 hours before she was born, when I had been in labour all day - painful active labour for 6.5 hours - and got completely disheartened to hear that I was only 1.5-2cm dialated. Totally useless - would never repeat! I also should have known to heed the non-linear progression of labour! (ie. I then went from 1.5-2cm to ready to pushing in the following 2.5 hours). Our daughter was born after 35 minutes pushing. I am certain this would have been a whole lot smoother and shorter if I had NOT been semi-reclined in bed with the nurses jamming my legs up a la stirrups and if I had NOT allowed valsalva pushing. I did have a tear with several stitches - just barely classified as second degree. The doctor must have thought it was a bit of a tough delivery as he joked, "Bet you don't want to do that again anytime soon!" I couldn't have disagreed more. As soon as she was out, I felt FANTASTIC, and had an overwhelming feeling of "Well, I could certainly do THAT again! Soon!"

My second was 9lb 1.5 oz. 20 minutes pushing.

My third was 11lb. 1oz. 0 minutes "pushing". We BARELY made it to the hospital and he just "came out" over 2 waves of contractions immediately as I stood up out of the wheelchair and attempted to hitch myself onto the birthing bed.

I agree with the others: try any position. I had horrible back labour with my first (well, all three) and although nurse mildly suggested at one point that I try changing position, when I leaned forward to sit at the edge of the bed it was so excrutiating that I just flopped back. Silly me! Should have continued that change in position right over to hands and knees, or leaning very deeply into my thighs with my back muscles stretched (a personal favourite for the worst part of labour - also works since we are usually still on our long drive to the hospital).

I know that although I read about using other positions and wrote in my birth plan that I'd like to use them, I certainly felt inhibited about this somehow in my first birth. Not strong enough to insist on them and the doc/nurses certainly didn't suggest anything different than their favourite "mom semi-reclined in bed" pose! I know that in my first birth, the whole squatting thing just didn't seem "right" to me FOR ME (obviously some "ladylike" hangups). I laugh at myself now to see how my visions of ideal birthing positons have changed! It's just a feeling that's grown within me. Good luck!
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My son was 9lbs 13oz. Best wishes to you for a healthy, happy vaginal birth!
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My first was a 9 lb, 7 oz vaginal birth in the hospital. I had a terrible 4th degree tear, but I blame that on the episiotomy (which I consented to, but only in the middle of pushing and hardly in the state of mind to give my consent). :

My second was only 8 lbs 10 oz, but was out in 2 pushes and I had no tears. Not a one!

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my first was over 10 lbs, but i am not exactly sure the exact amount. at her dr appt a few days after she was born at home she was weighed in at 9'12, so her ped thought she was probably 10 something as they lose a few oz after birth. my midwife knew she was big but didnt tell me, which i am greatful for bc i think it would have made me nervous. no matter how totally psyched i was to have the baby naturally at home, you always have a little voice of nervousness in your head that tells you you cannot handle it (at least i did). but i did! and so can you!

just beware of the pressure to induce or have a c-section bc of your baby's size. look at how many women have done it! best wishes! you can do it, and then you can BRAG like us!
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I had a UC with my first, who weighed 9lbs10oz.
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Ok, I can one up all of you. (well, sorta!) My dh's cousin has birthed two babies over 12 (yes that's 12) pounds vaginally! She has gestational diabetes, that's why they're so huge. CRAZY!

My friend's first baby was 9lbs 2oz and my friend was a size 0 when she got married. We're talking tiny with pretty much no hips. She did tear, but I think it's pretty phenomenal she was able to do it drug free!

My biggest was also my first, but she was only 8lbs4oz. My smallest was 7lbs6oz. The nurse said he was "perfectly average." I was rather offended. As if there is anything average about MY son!

Definately have faith in your body. Your pelvis isn't something concrete. If you get into positions other than lying your back, it has plenty of ability to move out of the way.

Best wishes on your upcoming birth! You'll do just fine!~
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