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Life w/toddler & newborn is harder than I thought...(X-post in Nov DDC)

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I am not here to complain - just to get support. I am just very tired...dh works 12 hour days and now that the Christmas season is here they could be longer. Tandeming is hard - sleep has regressed for my toddler - my newborn is allergic to dairy so somehow I need to cut that out - we're broke so Christmas will not be very good (I missed the MDC deadline ) - sigh...All that being said - I LOVE LOVE LOVE my girls and can't imagine life without Devin in the picture now...I am just going through a rough patch...thanks for listening!
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Stephanie, I have a 2yo and the newborn and we are tandeming too. My hubby was also working 11 and 12-hour shifts up until this week so I absolutely know how hard that is!!!! It was kind of depressing, actually, I just felt that life was really getting me down. I am so happy now that he has switched to 9-hour days. Whew, what a difference. I'm sorry you have to keep that schedule. Is there anyway you can get some help during the day? There just isn't time to DO anything and so EVERYTHING gets behind. Dishes, laundry, meals, naps, bedtime, the house gets messier and messier . . . it's awful. Try to get some help!!! And don't feel too bad if you have to make a few compromises like eat the same thing every day or use the TV to babysit the toddler sometimes. It will only get easier as your babies get older, this is the hardest part!
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Hang in there mama! I know it's not much consolation now, but it will get easier. My oldest 2 are 20 mos. apart and I remember how hard it was...now they are best friends and I wouldn't change it for the world.
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I can totally relate to you since I'm going through this slump too Stephanie. My youngest two are 15 months apart and there just isn't enough time or enough arms on me to get to everything that needs to be done. Maytal cries if I put her down for a few minutes so I've got to carry her all the time and Yakira (15 months) has to be watched every second. I don't have any down time during the day and I'm getting really tired and now feel that I'm getting a cold. Money is real tight for us too right now so I can't count on hiring anyone to help out. I've always liked to have my space organized and it's just not happening anymore. I feel fortunate to fit in a shower and some hot meals for the kids. Beyond that, I can't make any promises. I'm so busy changing diapers and nursing and I'm looking like a wreck. BUT~it will get better, just hang in there. Chocolate helps, no kidding.
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I know how you feel. I heard it gets better with time. Is there anything that I can send to help out for your Christmas? I have a few things for kiddo gifts. PM if you want.
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We have been hitting the Goodwills and local thrift/consignment stores for Christmas to make our little bit of cash stretch this year...
The baby really doesn't need anything and I've found that anything that is new-to-her makes my toddler smile, I just wrap it up and she enjoys ripping off the paper!

I've made a committment to just keep us in clean clothes and the occasional fresh meal and the rest can wait. My MIL is coming next week and if she wants to clean, I will let her.
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to you momma and a big from all of us moms who are doing what you're doing right now (mine are 20 mos apart) and BTDT. My dh doesn't work near the hours yours does and I'm in awe that you are holding up at all! You are amazing - take care!
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I hear you!!! Typing one handed here I tihnk once dd#1 adjusts (and she will) life will get a *little* easier. Do you have anyone nearby who can take her out snd give you a little break?
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Thank you all for the responses. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me feel like I am not the only one drowning in a sea of nursing pads and dirty diapers!!!: I am trying to take it one hour at a time sinc eone day at a time seems so hard but it can be tough. I wish we had family around to help but we don't - no $ to hire anyone either - so it is all me. Sometimes Mamas can burn out...: Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!!
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