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Hey there - it's me, Annie. Let me know if you need anything. I can totally give you a hand with whatever you need. And Jen, from the board, is a doula. So, even if your dh has to leave, don't feel like you are going to be alone. You might have friends you didn't even know you had. (and sometimes, just the relief of knowing that is enough to get things going)

Seriously, give me a call if you need anything. By all means .
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Also wanted to add - I've had two posterior labors (lucky me!) and this is how they work. They just start and stop and are long and tend to be prodromal forevah. It's your body's way of slowly working the baby into the pelvis to try and figure out the best way to get out! So I know it's really really hard, but just know that your body and your baby are doing exactly what they need to do.
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Thanks everyone! I've been calmed down today and I've been having contractions that are stronger yet less painful. I think she's on her way soon! (knock on wood)
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Allright! That's good news! My offer still stands - if you need anything, just call, even if it's only groceries, or a plate of turkey and mashed potato! Wishing you lots of strength and peace and for a wonderful evening with your dh.
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lol, don't think I'll need any turkey! DH bought a 12 lb turkey and he's cooking a whole Thanksgiving dinner (And I don't eat meat) I'll definitely be in touch though.
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LOL, what is it about dh's and their darn turkeys? you know what they say, the bigger the turkey, the bigger the :

Anyway, just let me know. Looks like you might be having a lot to be thankful for

Have you tried nipple stimulation? You've got to do it for like, an hour, but it you can pop in a video and sit there with a pump or just your hands - it can really get things going once you are already having contractions.
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Thanksgiving is a good day to have a baby! I'm totally praying for you! My sister had her first baby two years ago on Thanksgiving and it was hilarious! We say now that her daughter was our "7 lb 4 oz turkey" that year!

Best wishes and good labor vibes in your direction!
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thinking of you. I was trying to go into labor last thanksgiving.
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Happy birthday!!

I hope she makes her appearance soon!
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Hope you are holding your baby right now!! Happy birthday!!
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Thinking of you mama! Get some rest!
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No baby yet. a good four hours more of labour though, but it stopped again.
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Your body is doing what it needs to.
I am thinking of you mama.

Are you having any discharge when you pee? Anything that looks like egg whites in the toilet?

It does sound like you are having prodomal labor.
Have you tried getting on your hands and knees. Like forever to try to get the baby to get into a better position? Just watch some tv or read a book and It MAY work.

But put a pillow under your knees.

Do you have pg pics of you right now?
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DH and I just went upstairs and did a little *something* to get things going again...

This is my most recent belly pic at 39 weeks:

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WHoooo! That is an awesome belly! YOu look great! Cherish that pic....you won't have that big ol belly for long
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well good for you guys. It was so uncomfy for me during those last attempts.

Do you have any magnesium? It can help your muscles relax. Are you also doing nipple stimulation etc?

that could help keep them coming. I was trying to find my thread about dd but could not. I say get down and wash your floors or something on all fours.....
I am thinking of you and your family.
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waiting to hear and sending lots of easy labor vibes...
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frontier, I havn't posted before this, but wanted to let you know that I have been sending you lots of labour vibes for the last two days (even when I get up in the night) I woke this morning and my first thought was for you and whether you were headed for hospital or if had gone into labour.

Sending those vibes- big and strong.

Sub note- Not every induction, if that's where you end up, ends in C/S. Mine did not. I did everything I needed to to make it a vaginal birth- including when I realized that i was too tense and in pain from the oxytocin to let DD down, I accepted drugs b/c I knew my body would do what it had to if I wasn't interfereing. She came down so very easy after that. But I refused so many things that they thought were nessasary, and I still had my healthy baby. And she REALLY didn't want to come. Left to her own devices I think she would have stayed in quite a bit longer.
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I'm a frontierpsych fan, just wishing some labor on ya.

I wish I was as strong and educated as you are at that age. That baby's gonna have one helluva mama. Stay patient.
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