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this sucks

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I'm supposed to be enjoying my baby not coughing over her and trying to keep her out of the hospital. My entire family has pertussis. DH had it before dd2 was born, despite going to urgent care several times, it was not dxed until last Monday when dd1 started coughing and vomiting everywhere. I have it now too, I can't sleep at night because when I lay down I start coughing and don't stop. I have never been so tired in my entire life. DD2 is showing mild symptoms at this point, we spent yesterday trying to decide to admit her or not. If her O2 levels continue to stay up then we can stay at home, but if anything changes then we have to go in. Plus I'm in a very rual area, no one here has seen pertussis in an infant as young as she is, so we've been consulting with a children's hospital 300 miles away. I am so hoping that dd2 will just get a mild case of it, but with all the rest of us hacking our lungs out, I just don't know.
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Sending you and your family healing thoughts. Hang in there, it will be better soon.
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Many get well vibes to all of you! I'm sending dd2 many many heathly vibes!!
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How awful, sending you lots of vibes for health and healing!! Hope you all feel better soon!!!!
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Hope you are all feeling better soon and that your youngest doesn't get it!
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Take large doses of vitamin C~my whole family just got through it except the new babe escaped it
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I've been taking 12g of vit c for over a week now. So far she is still just has very mild symptoms, congestion with a little coughing, so I'm hoping maybe that's all she'll get. Plus I'm doing homopathic remedies that allowed me to at least sleep through my coughing last night.
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Which remedies?I used hepar sulph and Spongia with my kiddos.I took 4 packages of Emergen-C daily and got only a little congested.You can put a little vitamin C on your nipples for the babe to get as well.I took echinacea too.Personally i look at sickness as a good way to boost the immune system but i do know how exhausting it is to care for sick kids/yourself and a newborn!Hope you feel better soon.
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I taking spongia and pertussinum, both 200c. The spongia is really helping my cough but the pertussinum actually makes me cough more when I take it. I usually don't mind illness, just boosts the immune system, but I could definately have done without this particular one.
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Typing one-handed and nursing (new moms are goddesses in our own right) but wanted to send you get-well-soon vibes
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