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Buying a new breast pump...Need help!!

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I borrowed my SIL's Medela PIS when I had Elle and I really didn't like it. This time I am going to buy my own but I don't know which one to buy. I really like the Avent ISIS IQ Duo but I have heard mixed reviews.

So, what pump do you like best and why? Help me make up my mind PLEASE!!!

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Never tried the IQ Duo, but I got the regular Isis and *hated* it. Very difficult to position it to get suction, and frequently bruised my nipples.
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I personally have the Medela PIS and I wouldn't use anything else. I tried the Isis and really disliked it, it bruised my nipples too.
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I used a Ameada Purly yours and loved it. It is a little different then the PIS and some that hate the PIS like the APY. It is also a little cheaper to buy and has good resale at it is a closed system (no possible contamination unlike the PIS)
I EPed for almost 3 months till me DD finally nursed and I had a great supply and the only minor problem I ever had was when my 18 month old chewed a hole in one of the diaphams (It was easily replaced by my local LC)
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I have the Evenflo Elan pump.
I like it. I have never had a problem with bruised nipples, it's very comfortable to use, easy to clean and the case it comes in is pretty clever too.
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Ditto to the above post about the Ameda Purely Yours. It has a closed system so no milk can back up into the system. I have personally seen many mold issues with the PIS and I have heard from LCs about actual bug infestations inside the pump. The motors are comparable. Both are made to withstand one year of daily pumping. In addition the Purely Yours is about $100 cheaper. I think there is no contest on this one.
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The only pumps that worked for me are the manual non-electric pumps such as Medela Spring Express. Electric ones just hurt my nipple and I can barely pump 1 ounce out.
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Another happy Ameda Purely Yours user here. I have also used the Medela Lactina, so I have used different pumps.
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i haven't used an electric pump but have used the avent isis manula and IT SUCKED! (not in a good way!)

it was really poorly designed. i was sure i needed the $250 medela PIS. i couldn't afford it , but i started working pt this week. so, i bought the MEDELA HARMONY manual pump ($35). i LOVE it! it has the double expression technique just like the PIS.

my letdown with the harmony pump is about 15 seconds as opposed to not at all or barely with the avent pump.

if you can't afford the pis, try the harmony pump...like i said it has the same dual action expression as the PIS. i highly reccomend it!
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i did a review for a magazine of 5 hand pumps

i loved the tommee tippee breast pump
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Thanks eveyone!! I am still debating on which one to buy. I am starting to think that a double pump is not necessary since I work from home and don't plan on leaving Meadow for more than 1-2 hours a week to do my shopping. I am really just going to be pumping 1 bottle a day so that my dh can participate in feeding her before bed

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I have the Medela Advanced Pump-in-Style--love it--can empty both breasts in about 4 minutes. Also, I used it to pump round the clock when I first got home from hosp until we got our latch problems resolved...it brought my milk in just great even though it is not technically "hospital grade." Also, the backpack feature is nice.
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I can tell you all about breast pumps.....

Please let me help.

If you could isolate what it is you hate about the Medela PIS, it might tell you something about what you need in your next breast pump.

Ok., so we know you do not need a high-priced electric double pump. In the main, your choices will be these manual breast pumps: the Medela Harmony, the Ameda One-Hand, and the Avent Isis.

Did you have breast shield fit issues with the Medela? Symptoms would be friction injury on the nipple because of the nipple rubbing against the tunnel sides. If this is the case, you will need to buy the right size breast shield for the Harmony, or the custom flange set for the Ameda. You may be able to make do with the Avent if you use it without the let-down massage cushion.

Did you express no milk with the Medela? If you have eliminated breast shield fit issues and the pumping was comfortable enough, you may just need more time and practice with the pump. This will be true with any pump. There can be a learning curve to getting your milk to let-down. I assume you were very carefully following the Pump-In-Style instructions and experimenting with the adjustable settings, too.

One more thing to consider: was it the pulling on your nipple that annoyed you? All the quality breast pumps will do that. You have two or three choices if you want to avoid this kind of pump. Get the Playtex Embrace, which unfortunately is a double electric, and may be more than your budget will allow. Two manual pump choices would be the Dr. Brown's and the Whittlestone Breast Expresser. These three pumps do not elongate the nipple, but use massage instead to induce let-down.

I would truly like to help you or anyone else searching for the right breast pump. I have articles on my website that I highly recommend you read:
  • breast shield fit
  • cheap breast pumps to avoid
  • the new massaging breast pump trend

You can find links to these articles on my breast pump article index page.

(I would provide all the hyperlinks here, but I do not want to offend the forum with too much linking. Also let it be known, I do not sell or rent breast pumps through my website or anywhere else.)

Like I said I would love to help anyone I can. You may contact me through my e-mail address provided on my website.

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I also really love the Ameda Purely Yours, but you may not want/need a big electric like that one. (And I believe there may be concerns about Ameda making circumcision supplies, which I discovered after buying my pump, so maybe check the Lactivism/Circ boards if you're concerned about a boycott).

While out of town recently I suddenly had the need for a pump and didn't have mine with me, so I bought a little hand-held electric/battery one made by Evenflo - the Comfort Select. I never had success with purely manual pumps but didn't want to spend big bucks on a new electric, plus I was limited by what they had at the Target I stopped at. But surprisingly, I really loved that little Evenflo and had no trouble letting down to it.

Honestly, though, if you never plan to leave her for more than 1-2 hours, you may not need a pump at all. My DH takes on other responsibilities with our babies that encourage bonding with them without needing to involve him in feeding, and I believe bottle feeding isn't advised until 4+ weeks of age, at which time you might be able to run out to the store without needing a backup bottle anyway.
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I actually love my (regular) manual avent isis. I rented a couple of ameda hospital pumps and found the isis to be just as effective, and more comfortable (b/c I had super sore nipples and found it easier to adjust how fast/how strong I was pumping with the manual).
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