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Homebirth turned Emergency Cesarean

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Lea was born Thursday, November 16th at 7:21pm, weighing 4230grams ( 9lbs 5oz ), 55cm long ( 21.6 inches ) and 37cm head circumfrence (14.6 inches ).

Our beautiful home birth turned into another emergency cesarean section. I labored 16 hours at home, with the love and support of DH, my midwives, and a dear friend. Unfortunately, like Kristoffer, Lea was mal-positioned (star gazing) and a large cervical lip formed and swelled, which I could not push her past, despite five hours of press contractions.

Although I have some tears because her birth did not finish at home, I will never wonder "what if I had only tried this or that", because with the strong support of those around me, together we tried everything that could have been done to birth her naturally. At the end it was MY decision to transfer, knowing there were no other options left. I have limits which I respected. I feel empowered and healed by the process.

Lea was born in perfect health. She was put to my breast shortly afterwards, where she fed vigorously for three hours straight. I experienced some of the joyous birthing hormones, despite the cesarean. My overall recovery is positive. However, I suffer from infrequent, yet extreme pain from nerve damage from the surgery, which I hope will dissipate in the next two weeks. DH is doing more than his share and is the most tender, loving father a little girl could ever have.

Kristoffer is gentle and kind with his little sister, though I am sure it is a shock. It may be a while before I write our whole birth story. Right now DH and I are getting to know Lea and I am concentrating on establishing breast feeding.
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Congrats on your heathy litte girl.
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Congratulations, your birth sounds amazing- despite it not turning out how you expected. Enjoy your babymoon.
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Well, even though it didn't go exactly as planned, it sounds like it was a wonderful and healing experience for you.

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Congrats on your healthy girl mama!
I'm glad you are at peace with everything.
Enjoy your babymoon
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Congratulations on your beautiful baby

You did awesome and I'm so happy your babe is here.
Hugs and hope your healing is quick.
Enjoy your babe!
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Congrats Mama!
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Congrats on the safe delivery! I was wondering about you the other day. I will keep your story in mind when it's my turn and hopefully I can be as powerful as you and know when things just aren't going to go as planned and accept the alternative with grace.

Best wishes for a fast recovery and a wonderful breastfeeding relationship.
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Glad to hear your baby is here safe and sound.
Enjoy your baby moon.
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congrats on the birth of lea! i'm sorry the birth didn't go as planned i hope you heal quickly from the nerve damage.
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Congrats and big hugs to a strong mama!! Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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Congrats! Enjoy your babymoon
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