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Do famous people use cloth?

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Has anyone ever wondered which celebrities use cloth diapers? Do any use Mama pads? It'd be perfectly easy for them with their nannies and housekeepers! Do they post here under a cryptic pseudonym? Wouldn't it be great if we had a famous advocate drumming up support for cloth diapering? I mean, all those tree-hugging actresses who support The Sierra Club, ANWR, PETA and the like must use cloth, right??

Ok Mamas, come clean! Is Catherine Zeta Jones posting here about her new baby girl?? :LOL
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i have often wondered this......... some one should research........i would love to ask lori if any famous people have bought any of her diaper garden dipes
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I wonder- I know Michael J Fox and John Travolta (can't remember their wives names...hmmm...) are co-sleeping, natural-parenting families... I saw this on the back of the Good Nights Book about family bed. I hope they are cd-ing, too.
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Okay okay, I confess...

I am Madonna.
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Re: Okay okay, I confess...

Originally posted by chellemarie
I am Madonna.
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chellemarie - ROTFLMAO!!!!

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now chellemarie, we know you are not- you would never be so rude as to criticize our 'respondent mom' for extended nursing, would you? (madonna is ap because she bought a round crib: right.)

now i KNOW rikki lake must be here

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Madonna did what? Respondent mom?

A round crib???
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What's the purpose of a round crib. I remember seeing a talk show where Casey Cassum and his wife were promoting round cribs (this was a very loonngg time ago !)) I just never did get it.:
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I remember watching MTV and Brandi ( a singer) was showing her baby's bedroom off on the special about her pregnancy ( It was soooo bad cuz she had a baby nurse there beforehand and she gave her bad advice about bfing--said that there was no way a baby could get nipple confusion from taking a bottle!!: ) But her babe had a round crib too. WOnder what that is all about?
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Yeah, I watched that whole Brandy baby series. That nurse lady pissed me off with that nipple confusion comment because my ds had nipple confusion when the nurses gave him a bottle in the hospital and he refused to BF. Anyways! The round cribs are called "Miss Liberty" cribs or something. I think they were named after Casey Cassum's daughter.

Back to diapers...It doesn't seem like celebs would even change diapers. Wouldn't the nannies do that?
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I happen to know that some celebrities do use cloth diapers. I can specifically say that a few (3 that I know of) celebrity Mamas have a decent stash of Luke's Drawers diapers...oh, and one loves Heavenly Hiney diapers with lay-in soaker pockets....all embroidered with babe's name.

Wish I could tell you who I sold diapers too, but for privacy and confidentiality reasons it would be VERY wrong of me to do so.

I will say, though, that there are a few Mamas left in celebrity circles who are VERY attached to their children and have no trouble changing their own diapers.

~Leigh (who closed her business, but still occasionally answers questions from former customers...or their agents.. )
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oh COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beg, plead, whimper, whine


At least give us hints!!!!!!!!! PLEASE??!!

It's not like it's personal gossip - I'm sure lots of people in LA and NYC know which celebs run out to the store to buy Pampers and what not! (They can't ALL have personal shoppers!)
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I would feel very uncomfortable giving out personal information on ANYONE I did business with, celebrity or not, without their personal approval. I am hopeful that most Mamas in business feel the same way, and keep my information personal as well.

The closest I'll come to naming names is to say that one of my more "famous" customers has already been mentioned in this thread.

And I'll leave you to speculate which one.

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Alright - I gotta respect that.

Cool that there are cloth-users, though!!
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Originally posted by Cuddlemama

The closest I'll come to naming names is to say that one of my more "famous" customers has already been mentioned in this thread.

And I'll leave you to speculate which one.

SEE? I TOLD you I'm Madonna.
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chell you are to funny...........i wishmore celebs would show that they cloth diaper or AP maybe more regular people will do it.........
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Originally posted by phishmama
Has Susan Sarandon got any lil ones? You know miss climb out of my hybrid car would be all over cd's, ha ha!
How come no one gets excited when I step out of MY hybrid car?
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Maybe we could all go to these sites and ask the Q and see what we get for a response!!!



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