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Well, I'm hoping that this labor is much different from my last one, since it was 37 hours long. I cant even really say that I labored more one way than the other because I did it all! I do think that I preferred having dh with me. I labored all through the night in the tub by myself because I convinced everyone to go to bed since they all needed sleep. My mom had flown in the day before I went into labor and my sis had flown in two days before. They both really wanted to be there for the birth and I wanted both of them there. So when I was two weeks late, they decided to just come on out. They were just sort of in the background for most of it. I'm glad my mom wasn't more obvious to me, because I guess she was really upset and scared that I was taking so long. She had a very traumatic birth experience with my older sister and they both almost died, so she had a hard time at first with my decision to birth at home. But once I FINALLY got to the pushing stage, she was so supportive. Both she and my sis became my cheering squad, which I really needed after 37 hours. My dh was really supportive during most of my labor. He was there for me to hold onto during contractions, he got into the shower with me when I wanted to labor in the shower and washed my hair. He laid on the bed with me and moo'ed . He gave me so much physical support during the pushing stage. I would put my feet on his arms and he would push against them to give me more leverage. He was sore for a week afterward! I don't think I could have gotten through 37 hours without their support.

This time I am planning on having my mom try and be here again. And DH's mom will be here this time as well... she lives 20 minutes away and has attended several home births of friends. I'm not sure if my sis will make it to this one, since she moved out of state and we don't live as close to an airport as we used to. And other than that, just my mw and her apprentice. And hopefully, it will go much quicker this time!!
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Both my births were very different. With my 1st dd I wanted to be left all alone in a dark room so I could go inside myself and deal with the pain. I wanted no one around. I didn't want to be touched and wanted no clothes on at all! Which was strange for me at the time b/c I was VERY modest! LOL I did get in the shower every time the water got warm again. I even yelled at DH & my Mom once b/c they just wanted to rub me and help me but I wanted nothing to do with either of them. Oh, I guess I should say that I labored at home until I was 10cm and then went to the hospital.

For my 2nd birth since I had to deliver 3 hrs away so once my water broke we had to leave right away. Let me tell you laboring in the back of my Surburban was tough but I'm glad we had the 3rd row so I could deal with the contractions. DD 1 was my "coach" she would say "Breathe through it Mommy, you are doing a great job!" It was so sweet and afer every contraction she'd say "Dad, she's done. I'm proud of you Mommy!" She was 9 at the time. But my labor was HORRIBLE very intense adn I couldn't get inside of myself this time. I struggled the whole time. I did want dh there once we got to the hospital I HAD to have him touch me. I even yelled at him so that he would just touch me. I got mad when he had to go potty once b/c he couldn't touch me!:

This time I want more of a birth like I had the 1st time. Very peaceful and wonderful. I WILL have a birth like that again b/c I CAN do it!!
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