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What are your plans for T-giving

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Hey all,

Feeling this close to be done with pregnancy, what are your plans for t-gving?

Initially we were planning on having just two friends comming over, but now it's almost 10 friends who are comming to our place. I wouldn't mind at all if I was totally up and about, but I feel so much pressure about all these people comming over and my house not being clean and nice. Worst noone has a car, so we have to go pick them up and then go drop them at night (probably we would need to make several trips). I probably won't be cooking but still, ykwim I want some peace. Also having school being a couple of weeks away from being over I also have a lot stuff going on and I would looove to have these days all for myself and my dh.

My dh is totally excited about all these people comming, and last night I suggested cancelling everything but he didn't thought it was a good idea. Of course, he is not the 36w+ pg with tons of school-work <sight>

Sorry about the vent, I Hope you have a great thanksgiving day!!
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Well..seeing as it's not a holiday in the UK.......it won't be the traditional thing. However at least i'm on Mat. leave and don't have to go in to work. I will wake up tomorrow and make pumpkin pies (which the tinned pumpkin I managed to find at an upmarket grociery) and then in the evening, a good friend of mine is having a bit of a party for me, kind of a combination Thanksgiving/Baby Shower for me. It'll only be a few people but it'll be lovely....
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Oh..is tomorrow thanksgiving???? It is crazy, I am so wrapped up in school work, I completely forgot! (I am also in the UK...so no thanksgiving hype here)...though I will miss my family tomorrow....DH is not as busy as me, so I think he may miss it more than I will....maybe he can cook..hahaha
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We are going to church tomorrow and my sister in laws tonight, pretty easy going for me. My MIL insists on doing everything, which most of the time bugs me, but this year I said go for it. I will make a couple simple things to take to church tomorrow and DH will be home to help too
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We were going to fly tonight to my mom's house to make it in time for dinner tomorrow - but I lost it yesterday and decided we couldn't do it today. I moved our tickets to tomorrow...so technically, we'll be flying for Thanksgiving. :LOL I don't mind missing dinner, I really don't. I have so little patience already - good I don't have to spend all that time cooped up with my crazy family.
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I don't know yet - it's still almost a year away
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My mom is coming over for dinner at our place. It'll just be the three of us this year. She has to work later on this evening, so we're having dinner around 5:30 - 6:00 and then my husband and I will get our tree set up after she leaves for work.
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I spent it with my husband and his parents/family who all drive... me... CRAZY.

Ugggggggggh. Why are in-laws LIKE that?
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This is the first Thnxgiving in years that I haven't done a Martha Stewart-type spread. I usually have quite a few people over, have mostly everything prepared ahead of time and wear a cute little outfit for the occasion. This year, it was just my mom, my dad and dh. Mom did much of the cooking. My closet runneth over with gorgeous pre-preg and second trimester/post-preg outfits. I have outgrown most of these. I literally had nothing to wear.

Of course, Mom is an amazing cook, but she had a horrible headache yesterday, and I felt absolutely awful that she took it upon herself to do much of the work.

Physically, I feel better than I thought I would at close to 38 weeks, but the family freaks out if they see me doing more than taking a dish out of the cupboard. Once they learned that I need an induction in a week because I have occasional high BP, they want me sitting down all the time. Dh was downright miffed that I was up early making the stuffing and cranberry sauce.

And so I thought ahead to next Thanksgiving. I am so looking forward to having a little girl around, almost one year old, and certainly able to have a bit of the meal!
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