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Looking for A Good Organized Purse

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Any ideas for a nice but under $60 purse in a backpack or messenger bag style that isn't just a black hole? Something with separate pockets to keep everything organized?

I saw this http://www.qvc.com/qic/qvcapp.aspx?app=detail&params=item^F9809,RecTypeIn d^EPIPHANY,navlist^F1178*F00273*F9809*,cp^detail,t mp^related,cpprod^F00616,cm_scid^dtlr&walk=&cmtags =

But don't like the web strap.

I only use one purse so it has to be functional both for church and park.

Any suggestions?

My current is a leather backpack purse in sad shape. I carry a wallet, small makeup bag, cell phone, keys, sunglasses, tissue pack and a pen. I also like to carry a bottle of water, a snack bar and sometimes a small digital camera or small paperback book.


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I have an Overland Equipment Bag (the Donner) that is great for everything you mention. But, for some reason it still isn't my "perfect" bag. I am still looking for that.
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I dont think you can have organized and purse in the same sentence :
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I've seen an insert for a purse. Basically 2 strips of cloth sewn together at the bottom and on the ends, and then sew dividers in the middle.

Anyway, I so agree that purses need more pockets. I'm actually thinking of making something like this for my bath tote while camping.
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to me its unwomanly to have an organized purse

that being said, i have a fairly good one, i dont know where I got it but it was dirt cheap, and has lockable zippers (yay for toddlers not getting in it!!) has a million and one pickets, along with a place for coupons
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I ditto the vote for Overland products. I have found my perfect bag--I just ruined it (a disasterous spill).

I LOVE the little one, too-if I use a different purse- I lose my keys cell phone etc- this is small and keeps it all together.

So right now- its the Placer and then I carry baskets for dipes and etc. I get my baskets from:
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Thanks for the links! Those overland bags are definitley in the direction I want to go. I was wishing for a non web strap though but it's better than the black hole I have now.


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I gotta tell ya, I got the "purse brite" fro xmas last year...I LOVE it. I can find stuff in my gigantic bucket bag now. It moves all my stuff from bag to bag with no reorganizing.

I think it would be really easy to make..just google it and you can see how it's done...you wouldn't have the light though...I think they run about $19.00.
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It's a bit radical but have you considered downsizing what you carry instead of finding a purse that will hold it all?

I mostly use a small backpack and in the top pocket I have my mini-wallet, key ring (house, car, bike keys only), chapstick and my sunglasses. The main compartment of the bag is used to carry purchases or diapers or snacks but the important thing is that nothing lives in there permanently.

The mini wallet holds folded bills, a few coins, my driver's licence, visa, mastercard, debit card and library card (I go often enough that it's worth carrying around). The whole thing is the exact size of a credit card and I guess if stuffed full, you could fit maybe a stack of 8 cards and nothing else, no room for cash if it's stuffed with cards. In the entrance at home, I have a basket that holds all the "other" cards that aren't needed on a daily basis.

What I like about this is that I can take everything that's in the small pocket (all 4 items) and put them in the stroller, in a jacket pocket or in the glove compartment and go purse free easily.

I just thought I'd offer a different perspective.
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I always have a hard time finding a purse. When I do find one that works, I use it for a couple years till it falls apart then look for a new one. : I've decided to make a purse/bag this time because I'm just not finding what I want. I want something that I can use for work that's big enough to hold my lunch and a water bottle. I was discussing this with my mom and she said she has a bunch of black canvas material that she bought at a thrift shop for next to nothing. So, I'll have my purse and I'll make a bunch of cloth bags (for shopping) for free.
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http://www.timbuk2.com/tb2/retail/catalog.htm the smallest one of these works very well for just a purse.
i have the largest size and i should have gotten a bigger one. i use it for school so i have to carry binders, notebooks, textbooks plus all the junk i carry around for myself, mp3 player, cellphone, etc.
i find it works pretty well, overall.
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Rosetti purses have lots of compartments to help you keep organized. Most major department stores carry that brand; often they have a wallet that you can switch from purse to purse if needed.
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I use an Ameribag/healthy back bag. They are completely uncool in every way but it rocks. I have a basic original size etc tan bag and use it daily, as my carry-on etc and it still works great after several years.

I can fit scads of stuff in it, I don't lose things, it doesn't hurt my shoulder or back, and it is washable.

I often try to bring my more apropriate looking bags but they drive me crazy so I am in the process of convincing myself that I am just ahead of the trend.
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