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Oh My Aching...Everything!

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I must be getting too old for this! I just got off an 8 hour shift at work (I usually only work 5-6 hrs at a time) and everything hurts! My feet are throbbing, my knees, hips and lower back ache and baby is taking this opportunity to try and re-arrange the right side of my rib cage. I don't remember it being this tough last time around. In fact, this time last pregnancy I was jet-setting around France all footloose and fancy free. So does it get harder every time, or is it just because I'm 4 days away from officially being "Advanced Maternal Aged" ??? Guess I better break out the walker and the Geritol Complete...
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I'm not far from "Advanced Maternal Age" myself and definitely feel older this time around. And yes, everything aches- especially my hips. I feel like such a whiner...
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I'm 37 and this pregnancy is easier than the last one, at 35. Actually, it is turning out to be a lot easier. :

I'm convinced it has more to do with the baby and his/her position, size, and just how they gestate. Of course what Mama does during the day and overall during the pregnancy will have some effect too.
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I'm 36, and it's SSSSSOOOOOOOO much harder than the last one, where I turned 30. I feel like I'm creakilyy nauseously falling apart! My dp treats me like I'm so fragile and broken, too, which just pi$$es me off...I so want to be strong, resilient and glowing... the whole 9 yards...
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I am so sore I feel like I must spend my days chopping down trees or something. My hips are naturally quite wide, which is a boon during labor, but I have to keep two pillows between my legs at night in order to keep my legs parallel (chiro says they will be less sore this way). I think some of my soreness does come from my twice-weekly chiro adjustments. My pelvis is slightly out of alignment b/c I have scoliosis. It is not that big of a deal, though. I birthed my DS with the same "problem" and my whole labor was 6 hours. I just imagine that it will be much faster if I am properly aligned this time.

Jennifer, I am so sorry that you are dealing with this! Around this stage was when I quit my job last time, and I worked at home! I was just so nauseous.

Stormgirl, I think that your DP just hates seeing you feel so bad, and doesn't know what to do. My Dh is the same, only I need help to get out of chairs, and up off of the floor. It is very humbling, I must say.

And I hate seeing us this way, too. I vowed that I would be really fit for this birth. Last time, I was not too fit because I couldn't work out at all due to nausea. Prior to both pregnancies, I worked out daily and taught yoga. And now? Yesterday, we took a walk up the street and I was sore for many hours afterward. It is a sad story.
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