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I don't think weight gain has much to do with baby sign, more genetics. I gained over 65 with my 1st - 9.9lbs, 60 with my 2nd 8.15lb and 45 with my 3rd 9.1lbs

I've gained 45 with this pregnancy and I'm working hard not to put on anymore -- I was 200lbs to start, so really I'm okay to just eat healthy measured portions to keep myself in check.

I do hurt more as I'm right now where I was when I had my 3rd.
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just wondering how everyone is .. I'm getting anxious...
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I'm feeling a little anxious too -mostly because I really don't know what to expect. Will I go past due? How is the "ring of fire" (which is currently freaking me out)? How long will labor last? How big will baby be?

Baby is more or less head's down - at least hasn't completely flipped breech again, thank goodness. However, I swear yesterday he was transverse for a while....
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Anxious isn't quite the word... Dread I'm doing this again! Of course, I had dread about my repeat c/s too.

A df who just had her 2nd baby said that she had those moments of panic, she was going to do labor and birthing again. But in the moments of the birth, that feeling subsided and she did her thing.

I'm just telling myself, I'll go into my zone and everything will be fine, just like last time. I am hoping however that I'm not pushing for 2 hours again -- that was exhausting and painful. 2nd time around should not be as long or as painful from what I've been told my the majority -- labor is still work, but the pushing gets easier.

Knock on wood, I hope they are right.
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I feel like I'm standing on a ledge. Will my breech baby turn, just in time? Will he stay breech and just come so fast that he's born at home? Will I have to go to the hospital? Can I wait him out and hope he turns? Will I have to have another c/s?

I have done everything recommended to position a baby properly. Why is my baby breech? I am a terrified emotional wreck.

Turn baby, turn.
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Originally Posted by annekevdbroek View Post
How is the "ring of fire" (which is currently freaking me out)?
Warm compresses infused with herbs, it was the best feeling -- awe. I was very direct in telling the mw assistant not to stop the warm compresses, someone left the room for all the wash clothes in my home. I just bought 24 for this birth, but I'll have the ones in the linen closet.

I was crunching on herbal ice cubes crushed up a bit and the warm compresses on the other end. Those two things were enough to distract me from any serious ring of fire pain. It was uncomfortable, but I don't recall it being horribly unbarrable -- if that makes any sense at all... My dd was crowning for over 35 mintues before I was told that I must push her out NOW. The one push that got her head out was the most painful, compress or not, but it was a split seconds worth - not like hitting your thumb with a hammer where it just aches and throbs for hours.

Home birth has it's advantages as in my crock pot held my compresses with what I wanted in there. And I had 3 wonderful woman around me, supporting me, etc.
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I'm pretty scared about the unexpected myself. I'm honestly trying not to think about it too much. I read so many books prior to having dd that I was incredibly disappointed when I had the c-section. I've come to terms with it and have accepted it as being for the best.

This time I'm trying not to think about it. No prenatal, no reading ahead of time. I'm just going to listen to my body. I've been walking everyday of this pregnancy, sometimes pushing 2 toddlers (60 pounds of kids) in a stroller. I'm also shovelling snow like a mad woman. I really don't want another section as I'm stuck in a northern community and my mom can only come for 10 days. DH works long, hard hours in the winter and our place has a lot of stairs. I can't imagine not being able to hold dd. However, whatever will be will be!!

There are no midwives up here and a major doctor shortage. My dr. is very nice and supportive of the VBAC, so we'll see!!
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I'm eagerly awaiting our first successful VBAC birth story! Come on gals, inspire me !!!
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not part of your DDC but love reading about VBACs!

You go girls!

I have done it 4 times now and planning VBAC#5 for May.
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I'm still waiting... feeling REALLY positive though.. even though I have gotten some negative comments lately.. I just love the 'I can't believe you are trying for a vbac given your history' comment... I thought it would bother me more.. but it really didn't phase me at all.. Not sure why.. but I just let it roll off..
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My VBAC did not happen. Turns out that my pelvis was too small and baby got stuck. It took them 5 minutes to unwedge her head from my pelvis. I labored all the way but at the end it wasn't meant to be.

I wish you all, the best birthing experiences....however they turn out.
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I'm still planning for a VBAC this month, but I'm scared that my cervix won't ripen again. I'm drinking my RRL tea, taking EPO, exercising, doing yoga and relaxation CDs, hoping I can push this baby out soon! I'm praying for all of you VBACers, too.
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Originally Posted by *~Danielle~* View Post
My VBAC did not happen. Turns out that my pelvis was too small and baby got stuck. It took them 5 minutes to unwedge her head from my pelvis. I labored all the way but at the end it wasn't meant to be.

I wish you all, the best birthing experiences....however they turn out.
I'm still shooting for a VBAC. I alternate between having no fears and thinking "what the heck am I thinking?" Mostly these days I have a balanced, "I'm going to give it my best shot and whatever happens, happens."

Danielle, can I ask a question? First things first though.... congratulations on your baby!!! My c-birth ('04) was because my DD got very stuck in my pelvis and it took them a long time (and alot of force) to get her unstuck as well. How do you feel having tried again? That's one of the pieces I play though in my head.... "if it happens again, will I be okay and at peace with my choice..." I'm hoping this makes sense!
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Pelvic alignment is key via a good chiropractor, Optimal Fetal Positioning... I was told with #1 I had CPD, he was 9.9lbs with a head of 14 1/2. My dd was hba2c at 9.1lbs and a head of 14 1/2 and a chest much bigger.

People thought I was CRAZY, not only was I doing a vba2c, but I was doing it at home!!!

And I'm going to be doing it at home again. I had to change to my old chiropractor not on our new insurance though. My pelvis was out and I knew it, but the new D.C said I was fine -- After 2 visits I'm finally pain free and feel I'm aligned, now just to keep it that way!!!

I have photos of my pelvis xrays which I used for mental imaging during my first hba2c. It truly helped me focus that my body could do this and I was not "defective".

If you want a vbac, don't give up just b/c this attempt didn't work out. There is always your next pregnancy to be even more prepared.
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Im still here and getting anxious for this babys arrival. Last Friday, I was 2 cm dilated, 80% effaced and baby was at a -2. As of this morning, I have had some bloody show and am having irregular contractions. I know that none of this means Im going to have a baby "soon", but I dont think Ill make it 3 more weeks to my EDD.
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Danielle: Many hugs to you. My vbac attempt (preg #2) ended the same way. My DD was so stuck it took them 10 minutes to dislodge her and she needed to be rotated breech to be removed from my pelvis. It was devastating, we could see her hair as I was pushing.. When she finally came out via c/s, her forehead was blue and purple and all lacerated from the pounding it took. It took months of cranial sacral work to ease her neck pains from delivery.
I had seen a chiro most of my third trimester with her.. and in the end it was just rotten luck.. she hadn't tucked her chin..
Take the time to heal, surround yourself with love and support and know that you did not "fail" you had the best birth you could under the circumstances you faced.

This whole pregnancy I have been saying my "tuck your chin baby" mantra to this little one... I know that I'll give 200% but in the end, it is up to my passenger to tuck his chin...
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Originally Posted by Electra375 View Post
People thought I was CRAZY, not only was I doing a vba2c, but I was doing it at home!!!

I'm getting this a lot..: Even from people who have no right to say a thing.. currently a 'friend' is giving me the hardest time about our decision to hba2c.. I'm getting everything from 'how can you even consider this given your history' to 'what will you do with your kids.. you know your DS and it won't be good for him to see you in labor' and 'you can just sign yourself out ama to get home sooner after you have your surgery, you know' and I love the one 'make sure you leave enough time to get to the ER' comment..

and she isnt' even my mother!!! (who is appalled we are doing this..btw)

I just don't get why some people need to be so interested and opinionated about my life and decisions.. This has been a very carefully thought out decision.. well researched.. this is not a seat of the pants decision.. I am not doing this to "prove" anything.. or be "anti establishment".. It is so frustrating..: :
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Elias James arrived on Jan 16th, a successfuk hba2c!!

to all !!
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No VBAC for me - but not for lack of trying. I went into labor naturally (so a step-up from being induced with #1) and labored for 30 hours. My labor kept petering out and was all over the place in terms of strong contractions but no dialation/dropping of baby. I eventually had an epidural because I was so exhausted that I was falling asleep between contractions (like asleep for 2 minutes, hard contraction for 90 seconds..... for hours). I labored all day Thursday, went to the hospital at about 2:30am on Friday. OB manually dialated me to 3 CM Friday afternoon after the epidural and water broke on its own. I didn't dialate any futher after that. In the evening (late) I started running a 104 degree temp and baby got a very high heart rate. My cervix wsa swelling shut. My contractions almost completely stopped. Turns out I developed a uterine infection from the internal monitor (placed when they started pitocin trying to progress labor a few hours earlier). So, at that point neither I nor baby was doing well and I had another c/s.

That said - the OBs were very comitted to a VBAC - I felt that they respected my wishes (e.g. no PROM) and worked very hard to make it happen. It just wasn't in the cards. I felt when they finally said that they recommended a C/S that it was medically necessary at that point. Overall the experience was very different from my first labor and a much better experience. My recovery physically has been so much easier that the first c/s and emotionally the experience has been very positive for me.
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I am trying for my first VBAC as soon as things get going. I am really excited and not really nervous, just ready. We are preparing with the Bradley Method and I have a great support team that I am totally feeling good about. We are delivering in a hospital, but it is VERY VBAC friendly (OBs actually encourage VBACs in most situations there ). My daughter was taken emergency c-section due to IUGR at 37 weeks, so it is weird to even be this far along! Anyway, good luck to any ladies still left!

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