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hi, everyone (and Aubergine, lol) I will be joining this tribe in Aug. I'll be taking care of a friend's little girl when she goes back to work. I've been thinking about doing this for some time so it's weird to finally be doing it. I'm semi-crunchy and so is this family so we're all really excited about it. I would love to one day set up a small green daycare so this is a great way to see if I'm cut out for this. I don't have any questions right now but I probably will later on.
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Welcome, nascarbebe! Isn't it great when things work out like that?

Vanessa - how did the interview go?

Things are going great with the little girl I'm watching now. I'm really enjoying being an in-home childcare provider. : It's awesome to be able to stay home with my daughter, but also bring in some cash, and help another family in the process. Plus, my daughter has a built-in playmate.

I had another interview with a mom a couple of days ago, and that seemed to go pretty well, although the mom was concerned about her son hurting himself on my hardwood flooring in the living room - he will be 12 months old when/if he starts daycare. I did tell her I plan on purchasing an area rug to give more soft play space for the kids.

Wednesday I have an interview with a mom of an 8-week-old boy. The awesome thing is she mentioned that she is AP & into babywearing! That's the first person around here I've heard of who even knows what AP is. She said she wants someone who will rock her son to sleep and not let him CIO, which of course I agreed to because I NEVER let my daughter CIO either. Anyway, she & her son sound like a great match for us, but we'll see how it goes.

Thursday I've got an interview with another mom of an 8-week-old boy, and when she responded to my Craigslist ad, I was pleasantly surprised to find that she is someone I already know (but haven't seen in years)! She was one of my sorority sisters! How funny is that? So I think she is stoked to find that someone she knows may be able to watch her son.

I'm just finding that I'm getting TONS of inquiries. However, a lot of people have rather unreasonable expectations of how much they should have to pay for quality child care, though, and I find that frustrating. I have set my rates to what is about average (or perhaps even at the low end) of what I've seen around here for at-home care.

As it is, with watching two babies (other than my own baby) I will be barely scraping by on paying my bills, and barely have enough to get food and gas for myself. If I charged slightly more I might not have had anyone to watch, though. I could possibly take another child as well (legally, anyway), but I don't know how much individual attention I would be able to give that many of them, and I don't want my daughter to suffer being that the main reason I'm doing this is so that I can be home with her.

I guess I just feel slightly offended when people try to see how low I'll go. If they are looking for someone to only make sure their kids are still breathing (rather than actually interacting with them), then I guess they can find someone super dirt cheap, but you get what you pay for, right?

Now that I'm realizing how many people actually want/need care around here, I wish I had made my rates slightly higher so that I could live a little more comfortably. As it is, by quitting my previous job (pre-baby), I am making only about 35% of what I was before, which is really rough.

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Yes, welcome, nascarbebe!

Originally Posted by filiadeluna View Post
I had another interview with a mom a couple of days ago, and that seemed to go pretty well, although the mom was concerned about her son hurting himself on my hardwood flooring in the living room - he will be 12 months old when/if he starts daycare. I did tell her I plan on purchasing an area rug to give more soft play space for the kids.
I don't have time to answer more than this tonight. I don't have carpet anymore -- can't stand the dirt and with potty learners, cleaning the rugs is more than I can handle. Just seems so unsanitary.

My playroom has washable foam mats throughout on top of lino-type flooring. THat helps.

Rather than slipcovering the rest of the house, I also use cloth or foam helmets designed to protect the heads of babies learning to walk, like these

Started using them with my middle child when we spent a lot of time at playgroups with hard hard flooring and continued with my younger son and with dayhome children.

A warning - some people think they might be great idea, as in this thread, while some think they are ridiculous, as in this thread

I've actually pretty much been accused of child abuse on MDC for admitting I use them, in a thread that was pulled, so I'm a little defensive about even mentioning it now. But I use them with parental consent. I have to keep a record of minor injuries for agency paperwork, including bumps and cuts on the head. I basically have no "toddler bumps head and gets bruise or cut" reports since I started using them for daycare children 2 years ago. Before, I'd do about one a month. I feel that as a safety precaution, use of these helmets is worth it to me. Parents using my daycare feel that it keeps their children safer, and are very happy with me using these products.

I read recently that Australian childcare authorities were considering making them mandatory for older infants/toddlers in childcare, but a quick google can't turn that info up now. I'll have to try again later, but it is past my bedtime now.

ETA ok, here
is one link to the Australian story.
And here is a link to a blog entry on pudding caps (the old-fashioned name for this kind of baby gear)
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So, I'm here to vent for a minute and maybe find someone to relate to...

I started my childcare service about 2 months ago. There are things I love, first and foremost being the fact that I am home with my 4 month old daughter everyday. I love being my own boss and setting my own rules. I have fun with the babies (I only have infants right now). But I also find myself feeling a little resentment and it's only been building up. I thought after the first few weeks, I would find my groove and get used to my new routine. I've worked in childcare before having my daughter and always loved it.

Here's my situation... I have my daughter here, my 10 m/o nephew, and a baby girl who is 4 weeks older than my daughter. The 10 m/o is awesome. Such a happy, curious boy. Loves to eat and play with the little babies. The 5 m/o is a joy when she's in the right mood. I love the fact that I have a baby here my daughter's age because it is already great watching them develop together. They have interacted with each other from day one. They smile and laugh at each other, grab each other's hands, etc. They really seem to teach each other too. They have hit developmental milestones within a week of each other ever since they met. Once one of them learns something new, the other starts trying it immediately. I think, in the long run, this relationship will be great for my daughter. I love that she has a friend.

The downside... I have not been able to form a bond with this baby. She is very high needs and requires a lot of my attention. Lately, I have found myself resenting the fact that I have to give so much of my attention to her. I feel like the attention I give her is only attention taken away from the other two. She does not like for me to be out of her sight and wants to be held most of the day. I have tried to put her in a carrier, but she doesn't like it. I tried my Moby and my mei tai (those are the only two I have). She is with me 10 hours a day and I feel very responsible for giving her positive attention and interactions. Since she is with me most of her waking hours, I know this time is critical, so I do everything in my power to respond to her positively. It gets hard though after a whole day of her demanding I pay attention to her and hold her. The only time I really get to spend with my daughter is when I change her diaper or feed her. I can't even put her to sleep for a nap because the other small baby won't let me be away from her. So, DD ends up going in the swing or bouncy seat until I can get the other baby down to sleep. By the time I get back to her, she's usually already asleep.

DD is pretty content to play by herself and loves watching the 10 m/o baby play. She doesn't require a lot of my attention, which is a good thing. It's more self-imposed guilt I have going on here. I'd like to give her more attention. Same with the 10 m/o. He is content on his own as well, but I'd like to be able to play with him.

I'm not really sure what to do or if I should even do anything. I know eventually she will become more independent. Both of the girls have started rolling all over the place, and once she becomes mobile I'm hoping she'll want to spend more time exploring and won't need to be held all the time. I feel so bad though. I don't want to say I don't like her... That seems extreme for a little baby. She just exhausts me. Plus the fact that she's here for so long during the day, I'm burnt out by the time she leaves. I end up handing DD over to DH so I can get some peace in the early evening. Which is just even more time away from my own child.

I'm also resenting the fact that I'm tied down to the house. With three babies, I really can't go anywhere. I don't have a double stroller so we can't even take a walk. They're all so young, even if I could get 3 carseats in my car, how in the world could I handle 3 babies out of the house. I've had a few days when it's just been the 10 m/o and DD, we've gotten out of the house when we can. It's rare though.

DH and I have had several conversations about whether or not doing home childcare is a good fit for me. I'm just not sure right now, but don't really know what else to do. I can't be a SAHM. I just graduated from school and have serious student loans to pay back now. I feel like we accumulated that debt for me, I should at least contribute enough to cover the payment. I've thought about looking for a job outside of the home, but the thought of putting DD into daycare just breaks my heart. Plus, after paying for her daycare and my student loan payment, there'd be nothing left. So, it's not really worth it. I've thought about finding a job in childcare (outside of the home, that I could take DD to with me). But I live in a small rural community and the only way I'd get paid fairly is to go up to the city (I have a Child and Family Development degree, I refuse to work for minimum wage). Then, we're looking at a commute, gas money, etc.

I'm feeling resentful and stuck and just not sure what to do with myself. I'm feeling guilty because I know these feelings are making it impossible for me to do the best job possible. I'm not giving these babies the best of myself and I know that. I wake up each morning and pump myself up for the day and the morning always goes so well because I try to greet it with a smile. By early afternoon, I'm already burnt out. I want out of the house. I want to spend better quality time with my daughter. But I don't know how to do both. Ugh...
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re: rates: I don't know where some of you live who are making $10-$12/hour, but I'm making *way* less than that. At my old job (pre-baby) I was making nearly $15/hr. Now I'm making slightly less than $4/hour :, and that's pretty typical for childcare around here. Just barely enough to pay my share of the bills. I have to keep my rates competitive, though, or I won't have any business.

Mal - that's awesome! I do find it's easier to watch young infants in groups than toddlers (who are into EVERYTHING 24/7 and always hyper). I've only been in business for about 3 weeks, but I've definitely got a routine down now. Somehow the babies (my 3-mo-old and an 8-mo-old) both tend to nap at the same time generally, but if one doesn't sleep it's usually *my* daughter. Both are teething right now so it's not super easy, but not all that tough either. It's realllly easy to entertain the 8-mo-old. She is entertained just by making silly faces, noises, or shaking things, singing, books, playing airplane, etc. She's funny. My 3-mo-old seems to get bored/fussy more easily :.

Anyway, I had two interviews last week, both people with 8-week-old boys. One would be full-time, the other part-time. Both families seemed to *really* like me, but I haven't heard from them yet, and it's been a few days, so I think they went with someone else. I even tried contacting them back, and no response. :

WOAH! Smiley overload! ^^^ LOL.
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Should I or Shouldn't I?

I have been doing in-home childcare on and off for about 1o years, whether it in my home or theirs. Right now, I have my own 2 children (4 1/2 yo and 20 mo), my 8 yo niece (whom I've watched since she was 6 weeks), and my 6 mo niece. The 8 yo is m-f, 8-5 and the 6 mo is mtw 8-12. In Sept, my dd will be in Kindergarten and the 8 yo in 3rd grade, so it will just be me and ds and the baby 12 hours/week. Also, I will have my 2 other nieces, both 4, for a couple hours/week and I will have to take them to pre-k. I drive a small SUV with room for only 5, so I cannot take everyone in my car to take the girls to school. Luckily, my mom lives downstairs and is home to stay with the lo's while I drop off the twins.

My mom had one of her days cut from work, but really needs the money, so I don't know if she will actually be available to help me with school drop offs. I'm happy with the status quo for the summer, but was thinking of taking on 1 or 2 more come Sept. and asking my mom to help out a bit, for which, I would pay her for. In my eyes, this would help us both. I would ask my mom for either mtw mornings and she can have the afternoons free for herself, or maybe m-w until 3 and tuesdays off. We haven't discussed it yet. My sil might also be available to help out th-f, as she works pt now, but will be going back to school in Sept. Again, just brainstorming, here.

Lastly, I am really only interested in watching teacher's children, as I need the summers off since my kids have camp and other activities. I have a friend that does this and it works out great. I just don't know how I would market myself. The extra money brought in will also allow me to purchase a larger vehicle, which I need for the kids I am watching already.

I know this email was all over the place but any advice would be appreciated!!
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I haven't had experience with this, but the lady who ran the home daycare I attended in kindergarten only took teacher's kids. Well, school employees anyway (my mom was a cook). She had three kids herself and wanted the evenings, holidays, and summers for her family. It worked well for her, she always had business and got a job at the local elementary after all of her boys were in high school.
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Hi ladies!

I'm going to be joining you soon. I'm becoming certified right now. I've had my home inspection, physical and waiting on the background check to come back. Then I have to take my classes and I'll be ready for my final inspection. I'm so excited!
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hi ladies,

i was directed here to ask some questions about taking in 1-2 children. my son is starting kindergarten and i'll only have my 2yo DD around. we could use the extra income and this seems like the best choice at the moment. i've been a babysitter/nanny on and off for 13 years. i worked with one family for over 5 years. i had CPR certifaction but probably need to take another course to be up to date. i don't know where to start.

i've browsed my craiglists for rates. i guess i would be on the lower end seeing as i don't have certificates or degrees in child care related subjects. the one thing i can offer is a mostly organic, allergen sensitive(DD is intolerant of a bunch of stuff), whole food meals. i'd prefer to find a family that is following a natural/attachment parenting life style. do you have any suggestions of what i need to do before taking in a LO? things i need to check in my home? contracts? i'm sure i'll have more questions i just can't think of anything else right now.
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Is there a new thread up for this? Should we start one? Is the interest there, is it in the right place? Our little thread seems to frequently die off
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I think it is time for a new thread....any thread that has gone on for(well) over 2 years can use a refresher, imo....if you start one, I'll sub!
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Ok, the new thread is here.
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subbing even though there is a new thread so I can find this one :)

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