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What is wrong with my spacing out toddler?

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Hi, my son is 34 months old and for the past two months occasionally he has been all of a sudden coming up to me or dh and acting weird. Nothing happens prior to these *episodes*. He comes up to us and looks as if he has done something wrong(you know that look they give you when theyve been getting into say, the flour or something) and then he does not speak. he will mouth words, not whisper them, just mouth them, he wants his paci and teddies and then he goes and lies down very quietly. He appears sad. He does not cry or anything. We try everything to get him out of it, offer ice cream and treats, piggy back rides, stuff he loves, nothing budges him. He does smile some while this is occuring. It lasts about 10/20 minutes. I must say he is a SIDS child, also speech delayed some. Is this anything to be concerned about? IS he just being silly? It is kinda scary!
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It doesn't really sound like this from your post, but could it be a vaccine reaction? Do you know exactly when you started noticing the episodes?

I don't know a lot about food allergies, but the little I do know makes me think your ds would be hyper, not docile, if he were having food allergies (a friend of mine found a huge difference in her aggressive toddler when she cut out all artificial coloring, flavoring, store-bought dairy, etc. - but your little guy isn't being aggressive...).

Just thought I would throw those out as something to look at. Probably not much help!

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Hi thanks for your reply. No, he hasnt had a vaccination since 15 months old, not recently. He also does not appear to have any allergies to food.He is normally a docile child, most of the time anyway. he doesnt eat dairy, or wheat, so I could rule that out to begin with. Thanks for the great ideas!
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I don't have any advice, but if he were my kid and I was getting a weird vibe I'd probably go ahead and make a call to the doctor. But, that's my tendency. How often does it happen?
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Could it be mild seizures? I'd talk to your ped to see if that was a possibility.
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Sounds like it could be a very mild form of epilepsy. I had childhood epilepsy and would often have siezures where I just wouldn't talk, or do much of anything, I'd go to my parents to be held, but just seemed to disconnect with the world.
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Hi thanks for replies. It happens about two times a week that we see/notice.

Piercedboy, if you read this thread again, can you tell me what kind of treatment you had a child with this type of seizure and if you are better now??
I am going to make an appointment tomorrow definitely.
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Childhood epilepsy ususally disapears on its own by around 5 years old. I got diagnosed by a couple catscans and a few hours of electrodes strapped to me. The only treatment my parents were given was a special diet, which they didn't follow, I don't still have the information on it, but I googled it, and it is called a "ketogenic diet" but it is really bad for the heart because its pretty high in fats.

I'd probably go to a doctor and see whether they can classify it as Childhood epilepsy or early onset epilepsy.
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Oooh, and I haven't had a siezure since I was 5.
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Thanks for the response. Glad to hear you are ok now! Thats relieving!
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I'm also wondering about seizures.

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I was thinking seizures, too, or maybe some sort of food allergy. Wheat and dairy can both cause some odd behavior if they're not digested properly. Does your ds have any other odd things, like a stuffy nose, or stiff muscles, or nightwaking?
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Does your ds have any other odd things, like a stuffy nose, or stiff muscles, or nightwaking?

No, none. He sleeps solidly through the night, and also does not eat any wheat and the occasional yougurt(SIDS child, very picky eater anyway)
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sounds like petit mal (absence) seizures. The often start around that age. You might want to get an eeg done just to rule out any more serious seizure disorder. ((hugs)))
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my ds has absence seizures. he just "leaves" for a few seconds, tends to look up and to the left, slight shaking of the head. often when a seizure ends he is exhausted. sometimes they come in clusters and he has one then a small break then another then a break and another. these leave him wiped out, most of the time.

he was diagnosed w/ an EEG. and while it was not very comfortable, the test was almost pain free.

big hugs to you mama.

edited to add.... he is now on medication and doing great. feel free to pm me if you would like more info.
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thank you mama. I am taking him for an eeg as soon as i can get it approved through his insurance.@#$@#!

anyway, will let you know what happens, thanks.
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how are things going?

((((( big hugs to you!!!! and your ds!!! )))))
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Hi, thanks for asking. We are going for the EEG on the 27th. He has not had any more *episodes* in a couple of weeks. I spoke to a specialist who says he has about a 50/50 chance of having petit mal seizures, so we will see what the EEG says. Hopefully nothing will turn up.Thanks mama, Ill let you know next week what went down.
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Hi, how did everything go?
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Wow, so sweet of you to remember us!
I didnt go.:

I chickened out because they told me I would have to sleep deprive ds and then sedate him, and I really didnt want to do either. He has not had any of these episodes since I last posted on this thread though.

I went back to the neurologist, and he says it is most likely it was behavior related though.He has PDD/Sids.

If they come back, he says I can do a 24 hour EEG without sleep deprivation/sedation though.
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