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anyone interested in weight loss?

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Hi mamas,

Any one in our ddc who is interested in joining a thread for weight loss?
Now, I am by no means a fitness nut and I did eat a piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast, but I would be interested in a few healthy weight loss tips for pp, that wouldn't be too radical.

So, here is what I am going to do...

only whole grains (pie crust excluded)
no snacks after 8 pm
trying to drink a lot of water and cut back on juice
aiming to walk on treadmill at least 15 minutes a day.

Nursing makes me so hungry that I just could go nuts, but need some healthy snacks that aren't loaded with fats and sugar. Any ideas?
My goal is to loose 25# by May when I graduate.
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Ha, ha we must have cross posted eachother
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It must be that time of the pregnancy cycle because I JUST came here to post about this.

I lost 25 lbs withing the month after the birth but once that month was up DH went back to work and I've gained, ugh, 5 lbs since. It's this never ending cycle of being too tired to work out so I eat which makes me too tired to work out. The other thing is that since DH is gone 2-5 days a week it is just so much easier to get everyone straped into carseats and go through a drive thru than to cook dinner at home while holding a baby and dealing with the two preschoolers. I need to come up with easy ways to make a healthy dinner. We are having a low key holiday season so it will be fairly straight foward to eat right if I can just come up with a plan.

What are you guys doing for workouts? I can walk but I'm not sure that'll be effective when I take the older ones with me. They tend to do a lot of meandering and exploring (which is fine just not an effective way of exercising.) I'm almost to the point of just waiting until the baby takes regular naps since she is almost there anyway.

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i would love to loose 10-15 # but i don't have any real reason to cook!! dh isn't home for any meal on the weekdays and ds is picky picky picky so cooking for little ole me when i have to try and work at it with 2 kids just isn't worth it!! i have eaten very very badly!! i don't eat a TON of it but i certainly am not loosing weight! walks are also meandering with ds along course he could go for hours and hours but then nothing else gets done and ayla wants to eat!!
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funny you posted this today -

Just started back to WW today and went to my 1st meeting.

Now I"m off to go walk the track at the HS across the way.
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I'm starting my diet Monday!!! I'm so excited because my body looks blah after the baby
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Well, walking on the treadmill will have to be put off for me. I am still having issues with pp bleeding. What a bummer. I thought maybe it was my period, but it has continued longer than 7 days and is still bright red. I don't know what is up. I am a bit worried cause I am going on 9 weeks pp. :
But I will still cut back on some calories. Today we are having our Thanksgiving family feast, so I'll start tomorrow
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Well I've got quite a bit to lose, but I'm trying (yet again: ) to make long term goals with short term mini goals in between. My long term is to lose about 50 pounds or atleast 4-5 dress sizes by the end of 2007...Now how I am going to do it, I don't know :

So far what is working for me with exercise is to steal 5 or 10 min when I can rather than trying to put together a 30-60 min block. If I can put Rhys down for a few min I'll grab my hand weights & do some arm excercises or stretch or whatever for as long as he'll let me. If I can mange that atleast 1x a day I'm happy. I also need to ork on my water intake. I am always thirsty, but have no desire to drink...like that makes any sense
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