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Hugs to all feeling down, whom AF has found, etc. :

We are tentatively crawling back to the one thread (DW is the one getting pregnant, I'm the one doing all the ins and outs around the process -- which for us takes a bit extra being two women! ).

Our donor will arrive here from across the country on Thursday and we'll start insems then. DW is on 100mg of Clomid, which worked perfectly last cycle. So we are really hoping for good results here.

I write, though, to find out where folks buy their "internet cheapies" pregnancy tests. Last time we went near to broke testing and I know we won't be able to hold off this time. So I'd love to grab some while there's time for shipping. Any sites?

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Just checking in...we got back from DFW today.

CD 79. Still spotting. No period.
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Hi, Megin, and congratulations on being back here. I get my cheapie OPKs and HPTs from http://www.early-pregnancy-tests.com and they're about as much as Dollar Tree tests (less if you buy more of them) but more sensitive and without all the plastic crap.

It looks like your adventure will be beginning just as mine ends. Best of luck to both of you and if your donor is who I think he is (Sean), he's a real gem.

Zjande, I'm not sure if this helps or not, but over at Fertility Friend they tell us not to test before 14dpo because we'll just make ourselves feel the way you and I are feeling today. The very early bfps are so faint that I thought I might try again today and got another definite bfn on an internet cheapie.

I'm probably out, but af isn't due until Thursday so I'll try to at least lurk and spread and cheer the rest of you on until then.

I'm ashamed of disappearing and not telling anyone what happened when my last insemination didn't take; I think I was on the "waiting to know" list for something like four or five months before I resurfaced. I'm definitely not trying next month because I've never met a Virgo I got along with and also because I spent too much money on the Bio-Tranz and assorted supplements.

Well, that's more about me than anyone really wanted to know.

< cringe >
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Spider, Do you like me, because I'm a virgo?

Sorry for the lack of good news all around. I'm thinking I'm ovulating. Ann I'm like you sorta. I swear I can't watch NBA games while oing because all the guys look so hot to me. I'm not charting or anything this month so I go strictly on my copius amounts of cm and that fact that af was about 2 weeks ago.

Anyway just saying hi and good luck and all that other good stuff.

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WOW!! You ladies have been BUSY today!!!

Nothing really here...temps still up at 5DPO...did Thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws today, and that was great.

Juneau and Hazeleyes, and anyone else who needs it! It's been rough for us all recently. Here's hoping it gets better soon!!!
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Nicole can you put me on the WTF list

I don't actually know which list I should be on... I've been charting this month and FF hasn't given me cross hairs yet but I think I got a positive OPT. I was taking my temp in the middle of the night (because I get up to pee every night)but then I just read that I shouldn't do that so I don't know!!
ARG! We started TTC in May so this is our 6th month. Mt first month I was obsessed and it was a little out of control and I sucked at charting so I took a break from visiting MDC. BUT... I found out last month that my SIL is PG and well that put some fuel on the fire. So last month we BD everyday during when I thought I might O. AF came : So, we got some Preseed because I don't really have much CM and we are BD every other day... Last night after BD I actually put my legs up in the air against the wall, hoping that gravity would help me out. Am I crazy? Anyway, I haven't posted much so this is a hello, again...
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Tara -- I didn't know you were a Virgo. My DH is also. Maybe that's why we got along so well!

On Thanksgiving, I took my temp late. When that happens, I've been adjusting the temp myself and putting in the adjusted temp, not the actual temp. On Friday, I didn't temp because I got up so late. Fertility Friend hadn't given me crosshairs, and I couldn't figure out why not. I was looking at my chart, and I knew I had O'd on Wednesday (definite pains), and I was thinking my coverline was 97.5 or 97.6. So I changed the Thanksgiving temp to be the actual temp that registered on my thermometer. Fertility Friend promptly gave me crosshairs for Wednesday with the coverline at 97.5.

I was so excited to see my own feelings confirmed like that. The main reason I decided to start charting was because I wanted to learn more about my body and I feel like my understanding has been growing a little more with each passing month.
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I just don't know what to think--I guess WTF is my body up to?? I was feeling really great about our IUI and then I had MUCH stress on Monday (6dpo)(dealing with dh's ex gf from 20 years ago--oi) and I have been spotting off and on since, and (tmi) after both times dh and I dtd this week. The spotting is sometimes red, mostly brownish-pink, no tissue/clots *ahem* and is usually gone by late afternoon/evening. And my temps have been bouncing around between 97.9 and 98.3. And of course, with the IUI I have been taking the P supps, so I don't know if that has anything to do with all this spotting. I have continued to take the p supps, just in case, and I am supposed to go in for a beta on the 29th, but I am not sure if I should still go in or not. Also, the spotting is kinda watery as well. I know that ladies can bleed and still be pg--I know because I bled with my dd and it was this sorta thing, where it wasn't very much and just sorta watery and odd.

Any thoughts? suggestions? If this cycle is a flop, dh and I will probably wait till my January cycle to start trying again. bah. Was so hoping for a Christmas bfp.

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Changes made to here.
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Hello everyone ~ I am still feeling : ..... since my two BFNs...

However, I wanted to give hugs to all that also need it right now!! This thread is so busy today... can't keep up.

Good luck to all that are O'ing or testing!!!

megincl: I bought my internet cheapies at testsforless. I used them two years ago when I was TTC DS and they worked great. I also have some friends that have used them without problems. However, I have read some ladies chating on here that they didn't like them... just wanted to pass that info onto you. Good luck to you and your DW!!!

susykat: I always put my legs up for a while while we are ttc. I did that when I was ttc DS too!

I wish I had more answers for all you ladies.... however I am so new to ttc that I do not know your answers...

Good luck to everyone!!! Lets get some BFPs this week!!
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Can I just say that I felt totally ridiculous doing the whole tilting pelvis and/or putting legs in air thing? I think my husband about died from laughter the first time I did it, so I stopped. Instead, I've just been laying still for about 20minutes. (Then followed by cranberry pills to avoid a UTI.) We'll see if it helps any. Maybe a headstand up against the wall would be better.
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Please Move Me to Waiting to O

showed up in all her glory this morning.

I'm trying to stay positive, but today, I'm just sad. :
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I totally put a pillow under my hips when I was ttc my dd. Now, whenever I try to do that, my dh groans and walks out of the room. He thinks I'm being silly since this is our 1st offical cycle of ttc and I shouldn't be doing "silly things" yet. He also managed to find my hpt that I had hidden underneath my hair dryer in the bathroom. He might have given me a slightly dirty look. :
I thought it was funny, though!
I'm still waiting to know, although I'm not sure I really ovualted this month considering it was the 1st cycle after bcp. Who knows...
Good luck to all!
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Lots of hugs to all of those that need it. Sorry about all those BFN's and AF's!

Welcome to all the newbies, sure hope that your stay is short!

Originally Posted by mamabearsoblessed View Post
Can you request a blood draw to check your prog levels?? at 7dpo (suspected o) it is most accurate and will tell you if you did or did not ovulate.
what day are you now?

Thanks! I don't want to get my blood tested and get my hopes up last time. When my Dr thinks that I was conceived, she said it may have been a chemical pregnancy. See, I got my bloodwork on 8 dpo and the progesterone level was at 47, she explained to me that "normal" after O is 10 and a "normal" pregnancy at that stage is 27 I don't want to have that again, so I decided no more blood work this cycle, just US and there she saw on monday 2 small eggs and on wed. they were just about the same, I had some aweful O pain and ff gave me the crosshairs the same day that I thought I had O'd and also the day where the O pains have stopped. She told me not to get my hopes up and I didn't but now at 13 dpo I am getting my hopes up. On 8 dpo I was sure that af was around the cornor, I had cramping and a lot of wcm and craving for chocolate I always get those before Af. But now at 13 dpo just a twinge here and there. Now I am getting my hopes up. I don't know how long my lp is because last cycle was the first of charting. Maybe it really is 16 days and I didn't conceive at all just have a long Lp but what about the progesterone level : That is why I am not having bloodwork done this month. On sunday (dh birthday! ) I will be 19 dpo and will test. Wouldn't that be the greatest gift for dh?

Keeping my fingers crossed for all of you that are waiting to know :

And for those of you that are waiting to O :
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Good thing I'm at work--I'm in a TOTALLY foul mood today. I had a bad, very vivid dream last night that I can't quite shake.

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Originally Posted by frog View Post
I had a bad, very vivid dream last night that I can't quite shake.
Ugh, I hate those, Frog!
I had one last night, too. It's the only recurring nightmare I ever have, full color, can't tell dream from reality, and that is that DH is leaving me and the girls, and being a right bastard about it, saying hateful things, and being cold and indifferent . . . TOTALLY unlike him in real life. In the dream I'm devastated and just can't figure out why he's being so unlike himself and then I end up beating him up LOL. I always wake up shaking from those. Bah, indeed!

Still in waiting-to-O land. Took a long bath last night, used my favorite lavender bath salts (Trader Joe's, Heaven bless the place!) got the legs all smooth . . . and then fell asleep before DH came to bed LOL. Ah well, it's still early in the game.
It's sooooo foggy out this morning! It's the kind of day when I want to curl up with tea and a good murder mystery or fantasy book, dog at my feet, ghost-kitties on my lap . . . *sigh* SO not into being at work right now.
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Frog. You sure the foul mood is not becuase you're at work?
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Please Move me to Waiting to Know
Here we go again, TWW, I am trying not to obsess so mostly lurking this month!!!
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Originally Posted by ~MoonGypsy~ View Post
Frog. You sure the foul mood is not becuase you're at work?

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Jezzy---hang in there....I know we can't ALL get BFPs this month, but just look at the success already...TWELVE!!!! This has been a xuccessful month for lots of ladies so far, have faith that it will be for you! I agree that DH's b-day would be a PERFECT day to test. I think I will probably test first on Dec 2nd, our first "wedding" anniversary. I will only be 12DPO, but hopefully that's enough. GL to you!!!

Frog--- Sorry you're in a bad mood! I know those "real" dreams have a way of shaking us up.

Stacymom---SOO sorry AF found you!
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