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Favorite birth videos???

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I am looking for some homebirth videos for DH and I as well as our 7 and 9 year olds. Any suggestions where I can find some good ones? I have heard that Gentle Birth Choices has a video but don't know where to find it. Thanks!
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I really enjoyed the Gentle Birth Choices video. Waterbirth.org sells it, along with other homebirth and waterbirth videos.
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awesome video

hi....if you want totally wonderful birth footage check out "a clear road to birth". they sell it www.freestone.org and www.unassistedchildbirth.com (or might be org.??) anyway...like 7 births of mamas receiving their own babies w/ no screaming, etc. my DD loved it and wanted to watch it all the time while preparing for ds's birth.
yes, it is a freebirth video but in my mind this is the best birth video by far that i saw. totally empowering and gentle...tearjerker material.
good luck
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"Birth in a Squat" is my favorite. It's short, maybe 10 minutes, but there are many, many births on it. There is no commentary, only music. The women are so beautiful and powerful and strong. I've looked for it online (to buy), but I can't find it. If anyone knows where I could get it, please let me know!
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"Giving Birth: Challenges and Choices" by Suzanne Arms is fantastic!! You can probably order it through her website: www.birthingthefuture.com.
Also, while we're discussing Suzanne, have you read "Immaculate Deception II: Myth, Magic and Birth"? I have read hundreds of birth books, and this, by far, is the best!
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Candiland: Thanks for that book reccomendation (Immaculate Deception II) I just ordered it. I've been looking for a good book to support my homebirth option, and that one looks great.
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Birth in the Squatting Position is a great video. So simplistic, yet amazing. You can find it at Birthworks.com on their store. My favorite video (which you can also get there) is called Birth Day. It is the story of a midwife in Mexico and her home waterbirth. It is only about 11 minutes, bit is so wonderful. With her voice, the beautiful surroundings, and the music, it is so touching. It is also relatively inexpensive at $25.
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Birth into Being. Its a Russian waterbirth video.
Very cool indeed.
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Thank you for the info, MamaDoula!
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Well poo! I typed a long response and my server ate it.

I just watched a ton of birth videos at a four day Bradley workshop. I think most or all of them were produced by the AAHCC. A good one for easing kids into it might be 'Birthing with Joy'. It is five births, all natural. It has no full on vaginal shots which might help them get comfortable with the whole thing. The other great one is called 'Children at Birth' and shows three or four births that are attended by older siblings of various ages.

Another thing you might try is taping the dreaded Baby Story until you have a couple of nice homebirths... they do run them now and then! I think you do need other videos too, though because they never show the actual birth and you don't want the kids to be surprised by that on the big day. There is a listing of Baby Story lists episodes by the last name of the couple and if you click on the name there is a brief description, so you might be able to narrow it down to homebirths for your taping.

Good luck! What you are doing is so great!
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