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I've got an old Butterick Classics #5460, size XS-S-M (size 6-12/14) ... it's called a "dress, top and leggings" pattern ... the dress is what we used to call a "tent dress" back in the 60s, and what has been called a "swing" since then (maybe in the 80s?).

The pattern says "Very loose-fitting, flared, sleeveless dress, above mid-knee or top (three lengths) has narrow hem. Close fitting leggings, above mid-knee or loer calf, have elastic waist and narrow hem."

I never made the bottoms, so I'm clueless about whether it's a good pattern or not. The dress and top were VERY easy to make.

It's not technically a maternity pattern, but there's PLENTY o'room in there ... I was always accused of being pregnant when I was wearing mine.

The dresses and tops are just enormously comfy in the summertime. I'm keeping the dress and tops I made, but am finally ready to give up the pattern.

Anybody want it?