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I also switched to Diva cup a few months ago. I ordered it from their website. They're a Canadian company. I've been very happy with it. Took a bit of getting used to but I always hated tampons and pads. My flow was only 4 days this cycle - it used to be 7. The only leaking I've ever had is on a super heavy day when I needed to empty it out and didn't make it in time. On my heaviest days (and I have always had very heavy menses) I usually change the Diva cup 3-4 times in 24 hours. Once it's a medium flow, I only change it out 2X per day. And I can feel when I need to change it out most of the time.

It cost me about $35.00 to purchase but I've saved so much money and waste by using it. I also had to trim the "tail" a bit to get it comfy, but now that I've figured everything out, I actually forget I have my period sometimes unless I am having bad cramps.

A couple months after I got my cup via mail, they built a natural foods co-op about a mile from my house and they carry the Diva cups there. You may be able to find Diva or Keeper at a local natural market.

Originally Posted by mumkimum View Post
I've been using the Keeper almost 10 yrs now & love it. One of the best things is that down there is SO much less achy than with using tampons. There's some kind of 'disposeable' version of a menstrual cup you can purchase if you want to try something more similar to a menstrual cup before making the purchase - which isn't a bad idea. I forget right now what its called though.

I also like glad rags to use sometimes instead or in addition to.
I had tried the disposable cups, called Instead, a few times before and always found them to be very uncomfortable for me, especially during removal. Plus I didn't like the idea of having to throw them away - it seemed like a lot of non-biodegradable stuff to toss in the trash, kwim?

I believe the main difference between Diva and Keeper is that Diva is medical-grade silicone and Keeper is natural latex. Keeper-users, please correct me if I am wrong. I've never tried Moon cup.

Good luck with your search.
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Originally Posted by CarrieMF View Post
They're not like that at all. The majority of women bleed less with cloth than with disposable. Also, this is hard to describe until you experience it, but most of what you bleed never makes it to the pad. it stays inside until you go to the bathroom and pee, the peeing action is enough of a kegal to push it out so it goes into the toilet instead of on the pad.
Let's just say I've improvised w/ wash cloths before, and I know that feeling of when I had NO warning of erruption, and how moisty and messy my panties have been. I'm a HEAVY bleeder (and cycle about 7 days most months) on the first couple of days. I also don't like bunchy in betweens of any kind (when I wear panties I wear thongs, and go commando in skirts), and feel like I'm wearing a pillow. I could see it if I were a SAHM though, for sure. If Diva didn't work for me, I'd suck it up for a couple of days while alternating w/ Insteads again, or pearls. I realllly reallllllllllly like the idea of cloth pads though, and love hearing about how cloth girls just love 'em!
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I have a divacup and I needed something as "backup" the first month, wore a "backup" pad (but didnt' really need it) the 2nd month, and now I just change my undies as needed. I used sposie pads for backup because I already had them in the house when I purchased the Divacup.

I tried the Instead cups and HATED them. They leaked, needed to be changed more often than a real menstural cup, and you still needed to take extras with you when you went out. What i love bout the Diva is I put it in and I'm all set to go- no need to restock my purse!
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detailed article and index of shopping sites

how many do you need? what fabrics are availabe and what works best? what do you do when you're out? what features are good/bad?
You need as many pads and pantiliners as the disposables you would use on your heaviest day, multiplied by the number of days you go without doing laundry. (You can wash them in with your regular laundry, in cold water to avoid stains. I put mine in a zippered mesh bag so they don't get lost amid bigger items.) You need only one cup; just don't forget where you put it!

I think flannel is most comfortable against my skin. The best absorbency I've found is terrycloth or hemp fleece for the inner layers. There are a lot of cloth pads with synthetic microfleece next to your skin, but I don't use those because the stuff has never been safety-tested, and I'm wary of microfibers in my most delicate areas.

I use cloth pads only at home or on short outings when I won't need to change. I use a cup (Keeper) and cloth pantiliner the rest of the time. When I empty the Keeper in a restroom where I can reach the sink, I rinse it, but in a stall I just blot w/TP and reinsert. It's unusual for me to have enough leakage that I need to change pantiliners, but if I do I fold the used one wet-side-in and snap the wings around it, tuck it in the inside pocket of my purse, and rinse it ASAP after getting home.

There are so many different styles of pads, I think the best approach is to try one of each kind that sounds good and then order more of your favorites! One thing I do want to mention is length: If you walk a lot, unless you wear very tight panties, you want pantiliners at least 6" long and pads at least 9" long, because as you walk they tend to migrate slowly backward...and that is not something you can correct discreetly!

Oh, also, look for pads (esp. for heavy flow) that don't have stitching along the crease between the middle part and the wing, esp. stitching through a waterproof layer. If you have a big surge of flow, the watery part will go right through the stitch holes.

I wouldn't bother with Instead cups. They're a very different shape, so they don't give an accurate impression of what the Keeper/Diva/Mooncup is like. Also, both Keeper and Diva (not sure about Mooncup) have a money-back guarantee, so you can try it out without wasting money. The only thing Insteads are good for IMO is stashing in various places in case a period starts unexpectedly--they CAN be reused a few times, so just one will get me home to my Keeper, whereas if I stash tampons I need to stash 3 of them.

The explanation I've heard for why a reusable cup shortens your period is that it creates a mild suction that helps the flow come out, whereas a tampon blocks it up and a pad is kind of neutral. I've had shorter periods with the Keeper (3-4 days) than I did with tampons (6 days), but if I use cloth pads for most of my period that lengthens it by a day or so.

CarrieMF wrote:
Also, this is hard to describe until you experience it, but most of what you bleed never makes it to the pad. it stays inside until you go to the bathroom and pee, the peeing action is enough of a kegal to push it out so it goes into the toilet instead of on the pad.
That's interesting but definitely not universal. I bet it depends on the amount of flow and maybe also on certain details of your anatomy.... I have a heavy flow, and although I do get a sort of surge when I pee, I can soak a cloth pad in an hour or two.

Hope this is helpful! I love reusables!
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Originally Posted by MonP'titBoudain View Post
Hmm, interesting! With me it was too moist but I think that was just because I had previously only used tampons. I hate pads, hate the dampness (although that IS better with cloth vs disposable) and I hate the uncomfortable wad between my legs. Makes me feel like I'm waddling around with a diaper on! I love my diva cup, although I almost gave up on it 'cause I kept inserting it wrong. It took me about 4 cycles to really get the hang of it. I use my own cloth pads as light liners and sometimes I'll use them instead of the cup 'cause like pp, I get sick of the cup after a while. that's my 2-cents!
It could have been the fabric on top. Some wick away the blood that does get on faster than others.
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I use the Keeper. I find that my periods are more mild. I believe because of the lack of chemicals. Totally shorter periods about 4 days. Sometimes I do forget about it. I love the low odor. Tampons always seemed to cause a strong odor mainly because they absorb the blood. I maintain a consistent vaginal moisture also. My PH levels are not effected either. I did have yeast infection issues when I wore tampons. No more. The next time I have to buy one I will be buying one for my daughter also. She will be 13. You only have to buy one every ten years. You are saving like 3,000 dollars. I use organic tea-tree oil soap in between uses to help as an antibacterial and helps with the odor. Great investment.
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