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Spotting at 15 weeks?!

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I had some light brown spotting on Thursday and then again yesterday. I'm not cramping and it's not red, so my mw said that's a good sign. (I called her last night). It has been happening the day after DH and I have sex, though, so I wonder if it may be related? I've also been under a lot of stress lately and wonder if that lends a hand in it.

I'm freaked out. Thankfully my mw comes today, so I should have more answers later. As long as she feels growth is good and we hear a hb, I'll feel much better. I have an appt. with my FP on Dec 13 and will probably request an u/s just to check on things.

I've never experienced any spotting in my other two pregnancies and can't imagine how women deal with it who have it a lot during pregnancy.
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I'm not from your DDC, and I having had any spotting, but since it is close to when you and your DH are DTD, is it possible that you have a placenta previa situation?
Ultrasound should clue you in, and it could still correct itself (if it is previa)

Good luck to you!
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Also the cervix is so much more vascularized during pregnancy that sex can totally lead to some spotting. Maybe your cervix is in a slightly different position during this preg (or you are favoring different positions for sex) and is getting bumped more than it was in your previous pregnancies. It doesn't take much to make a pregnant cervix bleed.

Good luck with your appt
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It sounds like its from DTD.
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it's the sex, i am almost sure!
light brown is not previa, i guess.
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I had a lot of spotting during my first pg and everything was totally fine. I got it after everytime dh and I dtd.
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as long as it is brown you are okay

red is not okay and should be calling your doc.
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insist on hearing a heartbeat would be my best advice to put your mind at ease. If no HB, have the US. blessings!
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I'd totally say it's the sex. The cervix is so...I forget the word, full of blood...at this point that if it gets damaged a bit you can bleed. My friend had to stop having sex during her pregnancy because of this. I think she also had a really thin cervix, though.

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I'd get checked out if I were you. I know that brown blood is old blood so I wouldn't worry too much but I'd still go get checked.

DH & I don't have sex while I'm pg b/c of bleeding. It sucks BUT if it helps w/ no bleeding we do it.

Let us know what your mw says tomorrow.
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My mw couldn't find the baby's heartbeat. I went to the hospital and had an u/s. There was no heartbeat, no movement. The baby measured 11w1d and I'm 15w1d. I was offered to have a D&C or wait for it to happen naturally, and I opted to wait.

The doctor said m/c happens in 1 of 4 pregnancies and 95% of the time they don't know the cause.

Now I sit and wait for it to happen. I feel the worst I've ever felt in my life.
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OMG!! I am in shock!

This is so not fair.
I will be thinking of you!
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omg Lindsey, i am so so sorry....you will be in my thoughts tonite s
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I am so sorry, mama. What hard news to hear. FWIW I found the sticky thread on what to expect with a natural m/c in the pg and birth loss forum very helpful when I had my natural m/c. But that's just the physical part... I am sooo sorry that you and your family suffered this sad, sad loss. :
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Oh NO:

I am soooo sorry
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Lots of hugs and love being sent your way, mama. Take care of yourself!
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I am so sorry for your loss. I pray your heart is able to grieve and heal.
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Oh honey. I am so so sorry. You ar ein my thoughts.
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What the f$%K?? That is SO NOT FAIR!! I'm so so so sorry to hear it and you're in my thoughts. I can only imagine how painful that must be for you. You were bloody into your second tri already!!!

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im not from your ddc.. but you are in my thought and prayers darling.....the skys have on more lil angel to guide us....
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