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Originally Posted by dlm194 View Post
I've heard that stat about lawyers winding up with more c-sections. I think someone needs to sue over being cut open and then maybe doctors will change their knife happy ways. :
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Just the psychological element, you know?
Totally understand! I don't have a general distrust for doctors but let me tell ya...my research quickly changed course from just studying birthing techniques to now hitting the legal research...hard. My entire psychological stance changed to a very defensive standpoint. It's amazing what one phone call can do.:

Do you have a doula? I would highly suggest a doula you feel comfortable with since there is so much varriability among your potential caregiver!
Gotta say, that option, though financially a bit difficult right now, is looking VERY enticing!

Thats cause they only let like 10 people try and 8 of the 10 suceeded.
(sense the sarcasm, but sadly I am sure it isn't too inaccurate)
Hey, all good sarcasm is based in truth. And the concept that they "let" someone do a VBAC just kills me . Grrr...the first person at the hospital who tells me they'll "let me" or won't "let me" do something gets their head taken off (verbally, of course).

I didn't realize you were going for a vbac. What did your doctor say when you first said you going to have a vbac? Was she supportive or wish-washy? I just wonder if this is one of those subtle "I support vbacs.... [up until the end of pg]." Can they drop you if you refuse the c-section? I just wonder if it's worth fighting or trying to gestate in peace and simply not show up. What a crappy situation either way. I hope it works out b/c I get so mad when I hear these situations.
Hi Dana! So many boards... .

Actually, my Dr. was very supportive...very quick to say that the odds are very much in my favour. I think it's one of the reasons that this phone call threw me for such a loop. I'm pretty sure they can't drop me (though, good point...will check into further to be sure). Trust me, I'm not fighting anything...just simply saying, "No."

I think someone needs to sue over being cut open and then maybe doctors will change their knife happy ways.
They have!

To quote from the article..
The most widely cited case, In Re. A.C., involved Angela Carder, a pregnant cancer patient who refused to consent to a cesarean at 25 weeks gestation and stated that she wanted to undergo cancer treatment instead, which her doctors believed would kill her fetus. Officials at George Washington University Hospital intervened and obtained a court order to force her to undergo a cesarean that neither she nor her baby survived. Her estate appealed the decision and won. The Court of Appeals upheld the right of pregnant women to make all medical decisions on behalf of themselves and their fetuses, arguing that to compel invasive treatment on pregnant women would give fetuses rights superior to those of the mother and diminish the rights of born children whose parents could not, by law, be forced to undergo surgery or donate organs on their behalf. The court further ruled that the viability of the fetus and any potential harm the mother might cause to it by refusing treatment could not override her fundamental right to bodily integrity and informed consent/refusal.

It’s important for VBAC mothers to know that the Carder ruling has had a very chilling effect on the willingness of doctors or hospitals to use the courts to force women to undergo cesareans. Many continue to use the prospect of a court order as a threat to coerce women to consent, but hospitals, doctors, and their attorneys are well aware that, should they proceed and should the mother decide to appeal, they’re looking at a long and expensive legal battle that they will lose in the end. Any VBAC mother who’s threatened with a court-ordered cesarean should inform staff that she knows that it’s an empty threat, that case law is on her side, and that she plans to appeal the ruling all the way to the Supreme Court if need be.
I need to look into this more (just found it last night) but am very encouraged. This case coupled w/ EMTALA sounds like a potentially very powerful tool.

I hope you make a big stink over this! that is really unacceptable!
Oh, I'm soooo going to. .....but after the baby is born. No need to alert management at this point IYKWIM.
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Originally Posted by GOPLawyer View Post
Definetly letting nature take it's course (and praying very hard that this doesn't wait 'till 42 weeks...can't imagine that battle : ).
I'm here with my fingers crossed for you on all of it, but especially this. It took me by surprise last time (not 42, but 41+4), and my lack of preparedness, plus my OB making threats, caused me to cave into another repeat. They really push hard once your baby is "late" (I guess birth is a formal social engagement).
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If it isn't resolved, I know a few lay mws in the area who will take you for a hbac. The cost is around $2000 give or take. There are about 2 CPMs in the area as well.

The Kaiser HMOs really SUCK!
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I'm so sorry that happened to you.

I have heard the stats about lawyers and I asked my ob about it. I had actually heard of ob's not taking lawyers as patients. He told me that he didn't think most ob's would not take a lawyer out of "fear of lawsuit", but out of spite.

Anyways, I know you are pregnant and considering these things are very difficult when you have a toddler and are pregnant, but it may be worth your while to look at other insurance plans or oop birth. I know, here in St. Louis, that some doctors take a reduced fee for cash birth. I know you will pay more than if it were on your insurance, but sometimes money is just money and that's what it is for?

Maybe you could appeal to Kaiser? Do you know other moms who have vbac'd at that hospital? W/ those doctors? I've heard hundreds of stories of bait and switch w/ hospitals/doctors and I would hate to see you in such a situation.

Keep us posted!
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So what happens if you just don't show up on that date?? Will they not pay for any part of the delivery? I'm just curious if you can somehow beat the system this way, if you don't consent for surgery they can't just automatically do it and I would suspect if you simply "missed" or "forgot" the appointment vs cancelled it on purpose and then went into labor on your own they should still cover you... I dunno how insurance really works. I know they try to screw you all the time, but there's GOT to be a way to work around it!!
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