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Cloth happiness

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Over the last few days, I've gotten a bunch of new diapers -- 24 infant prefolds, 36 cloth wipes, a newborn AIO, and a bunch of stuff for my 2-year-old.

I'm currently washing the prefolds to get them ready -- I had forgotten how much fun it was to prepare new cloth diapers.
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Very cool!

Where did you get your cloth wipes from? And how do you use them? Just with water and then wash them with the diapers?
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Originally Posted by swtpesq View Post
Where did you get your cloth wipes from? And how do you use them? Just with water and then wash them with the diapers?
I got my cloth wipes from DiaperWare (http://www.diaperware.com/), but they're widely available. I like ones with flannel on one side and a more textured fabric on the other, so I bought the WAHMies wipes this time around. My husband likes the Kissaluvs Terry Wipes best, so I got some of those as well. Buying wipes isn't the most frugal option -- lots of people make them at home, or buy a large package of inexpensive washcloths at someplace like target -- but I guess I'm just not that motivated.

Anyway, I just dip mine in water before use. Some people use various additives to their water, but plain water's always worked fine for me.

Then I just toss them in with my diapers to wash them.

I don't use cloth wipes when I'm out and about -- I don't feel like carrying a bottle of water with me to wet them down, or remembering to wet them ahead of time and store them in a ziplock bag -- but many people do. I do think the cloth wipes generally work better than the disposable ones.
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I have Mother Ease wipes. The work so much better than disposable wipes. I also use preemie prefolds as wipes.

Come to think of it, I just threw out a pair of worn out sweatpants that I should have made into wipes. The only thing is that I like the diapers and wipes to be white/natural. No matter how old some fabric is it seems to leave a little color on the diapers when washed together.
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My dear friend just dropped off three hand-knit wool covers for me this morning. They are just lovely - a periwinkle, a celery and one that is undyed.

I was just going through my stash and I can't believe how many diapers I have accumulated. I bought several lots on e-bay this summer and three friends are lending me theirs, so I might actually have too many diapers - something I thought would be impossible with twins.

For wipes - I buy the cheapo washcloths. Dollar store sells them in five-packs. I make a solution of distilled water, a squirt of Burt's Bees baby wash and a few drops of tea tree oil. Then I put the wipes and the solution in a wipes warmer. It works out great. Tee tree oil in an antibacterial, and keeps the solution fresh.
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