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Shrub is on now

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Can you bear to watch the interview, Or am i just torturing myself alone?
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We saw a clip of the interview on a video on MSNBC where Kate Couric was interviewing Brokaw about the Presidential interview - Brokaw was such a suckup!!! Has he lost all his journalistic integrity? How did the actual interview go? I'm curious a little but don't expect much more than the usual brain numbing, fumbling propaganda that I've grown to expect from this President - and the majority of the US population drool over this clown.:
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OK - on MSNBC there are like 5 clips of the interview online to see, so I dragged myself through all of them. I have a bit more respect for Brokaw again - I thought he was a bit shrewd and careful in his show but the questions were there. He still has to be politically careful due to rating etc. . . I thought the President (as usual) was offbase and really wierd with some of his laughter - but reading between the lines was also possible.
Highlights for me:
- wanting to implement a democracy that is separate from religion in ME (what does he know about that area?), but at the same time talking about his faith and how important it is to his governing :LOL dicotomy?
- 2 million jobs lost since he came into office and thinking putting the government in more debt is going to get 1 milllion of those jobs back, and those other 1 million new jobless will be OK with that
- at the question whether or not the US citizens should be in anyway expected to cut back on fossil fuel use his response was he wants the government to look into hydrogen energy
- at the comment about the freedom of opposing views being hindered he said "I don't think so" then the Dixie Chicks were mentioned and he responded with in a free country people are allowed to voice opinions and not buy their records it cuts both ways. Reminds me of the question to Reagan once what was going to be done about the thousands of homeless and he responded with a family he heard of that took in some people and that he didn't think it was really a problem.: Denial!

I'd go on more but wondering if anyone is out there?
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I don't think I will view any of the interview. It's better that way. When I actually see and hear him, I suddenly become very angry at the display device. This happened the other day with Jack Straw also. I want to be knowledgeable, but for my sanity, reading it from you guys is much better.
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I dunno, I'd have to have a large bucket ready.... :Puke
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Ugggghhhh.... I can't stand to listen to Dubya. I just try to stay sheltered in my ignorant bliss *imagining* that we have some one intelligent and compitant running the country.
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You're right El. His inappropriate lauhging just shows how far he is from the reality of what he's causing. It's like its a puppet show he gets to direct, totally oblivious.
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Im with you Madrone
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So are you going to give us that cannot deal with him more info El Casey?
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mamatorres where are you when I need you? I actually didn't want to watch it, my DH refused - but because I wanted to be able to talk about it with YOU a day after the actual event, I sat through it, and now you leave me alone to face all these inquiring minds

Actually, there isn't much more to say about the event, I think. There was nothing new - GWB is sure we'll find WMD and then all will be well with his justification - but I doubt he really cares - he'll get away with it reagardless because the majority of the citizens of the US don't want and are not in the position to see the US in any other way then being divine and justified in all they do.
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I really wish I could have watched. I've been *sheltering* myself and pretending right along with Anna for the week

Is there a transcript anywhere? If so wouldn't it be funny if they noted 'inappropriate laughter' or 'strange chimpish smirk'...
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Here's the transcript:


Bon appetit! (not)

Guess what? He says he has a 'direct link now' to 'Condi' on his telephone.

and this:

You know, a lot of the stuff I get, people come in and report to me — did you hear what so-and-so said, or, did you see that? So I get a lot of things secondhand.
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Originally posted by Devi
Is there a transcript anywhere? If so wouldn't it be funny if they noted 'inappropriate laughter' or 'strange chimpish smirk'...
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