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Bike Trailer

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Ok, i am revisiting the idea of bike trailers... obviously we need a 2nd one... i know the babies wont be ready for biking anytime soon but id like to get some ideas .... we have one bike trailer for amy and hannah... hannah will be 4 soon but isnt ready to pedal at our comfort speed so she will be riding for a while... even my 6 yr old gets a kick out of an occasional ride...

i know its a long shot but are there any THREE seater bike trailers? as is DH and i will each have one to pull.... i dont want to do a bike seat and trailer both....

can you tell im itching it get some serious outside time in soon?
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We have the Cougar 2. http://www.chariotcarriers.com/html_english/cougar2.htm We also have the Cougar 1 http://www.chariotcarriers.com/html_english/cougar1.htm So we can bike as a whole family if I pull one trailer and dh pulls the double trailer. We got the conversion kits so that they can be used as jogging strollers and bike trailers. We also got the baby slings (like a hammock) so they could ride in it as newborns.
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Ditto gemelos about the Chariot Cougar 2 and the infant slings. We, however, use that with a bike seat for our daughter. We joke that my husband's second career will be as rickshaw driver! Since you've got so many to haul, you might have to go that route as I've never ever seen a 3-seater!
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I've already seen a family with a Burley Piccolo trailercycle with a Burley trailer hooked onto the Piccolo - making a huge "bike train."

If you want to invest in another trailer, you could always get something like the Burley Cub with a hard plastic bottom (holds 100 lb). That way, you can use it to haul cargo long after your children are grown.
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Cindi, that is such a cute picture! You guys look like such a sporty family. My dh would love to get a bike seat for our 3 year old but I am too paranoid and I won't let him.
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yes i think its going to have to be a bike seat and 2 trailers... possibly 2 bike seats and 2 trailers... man thats alot of weight for ME to pull.... lol
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Wow. I guess I'm a real lightweight. I can barely pull my twins.

We actually use a bikeseat AND a trailer (even though we have a double trailer). The kids are much happier that way.
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that would be ONE bike trailer and one bike seat PER BIKE....
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I use a bike seat and a trailer. We try to avoid really steep hills - . On the flats it's not hard to do it. Once the trailer gets going the weight seems minimal. I have a Chariot (I'm in Canada) which we bought used 8 years ago and have used it every summer - it's amazing. I haul groceries and large piles of library books in it now that my twins ride on their own and my youngest is still in the bike seat.

Good luck
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