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Those were absolutely not porn. Very beautiful. Thanks
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That about covers it. Ugh!
Kudos to you and your friend and your hubby's and I will not say what to them...
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Let's try this again

I Didn't read the whole thread....

Here's my response though:

Ask the pastor how he thinks Mary fed Jesus Christ when He was a baby. If GOD did not want women to breastfeed he wouldn't have given us the ability to make milk.

Mary breastfed Jesus, out and about, in Temple, at the market, she didn't stay home, she HAD to run errands while Joseph did carpentry work for other people. She had to go out and get food, water, she brought Jesus with her. She NIP'd Jesus wherever and whenever she went.

If Breastmilk and the breast was good enough for Jesus, and didn't corrupt the teenagers of that day, it's DAMN good enough for your children. And it Isn't your fault, nor your responsibility to keep the devil out of everyone elses thoughts. THEY are responsible for keeping "the devil and lust" out of their own minds. You are doing what God has given you the ability to. You should not be held responsible for keeping lust out of everyone elses head.
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Originally Posted by JamesMama View Post
Oh, and here are the photos in question


My Friends (I have her permission)
Sheesh...I can't imagine how anyone could look at those and think it's pornography or prostitution. Uh, pornography is defined as the depiction of erotic behavior intended to cause sexual excitement and prostitution is sex for money. What the hell are they thinking??? Those people who called you those names have some major issues. Perhaps they should speak with a therapist. Seems they are uncomfortable with the feelings your photos created within themselves, and instead of dealing with their own sexual issues, they tried to place their baggage on the shoulders of you and your friend.
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Uh, pornography is defined as the depiction of erotic behavior intended to cause sexual excitement and prostitution is sex for money.
Wait, wait, wait, did your baby pay for the milk? 'Cause that's not cool at all!

By the way, nice pictures and nothing sexual about either of them.
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I am so sorry. That really is absurd! They are clearly in the wrong. I've seen plenty of art of Mary nursing Jesus - is she a prostitute engaging in pornography?? I would have left, too. I would make sure everyone knew what they did. ((hugs))
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Unbelievable. s:

My husband's grandfather (now deceased) told my husband that all the women in his tiny, east Texas town (population less than sixty, just south of the Red River) used to nurse babies IN CHURCH during services to keep the babies quiet. My husband's 103 year old grandmother, still alive, recently told me that she nursed all of her babies until they were at least two -- she had ten babies, one stillborn, all born at home, one was thirteen pounds weighed on a cotton scale. My dh's grandmother also nursed one of her neighbors babies because the neighbor could not breastfeed (and there was not formula back then in that community).

All of those babies were nursed in church, during services, to keep the babies quiet during sermons. It was just a practical thing that folks did. They were very religious, too, no drinking, no dancing, no smoking. But breastfeeding in church was encouraged.

Ya know, getting out of a church that doesn't fit your beliefs can be very liberating. I know you will find the right spiritual home for you and your family.
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Originally Posted by Sabo View Post
Wait, wait, wait, did your baby pay for the milk? 'Cause that's not cool at all!
: up

Get a job, Baby! There's no such thing as a free lunch anymore!
4 months is PLENTY old enough to be earning your keep. You think this milk grows on trees??

Sorry, carried away.
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Here is a whole gallery of Mary nursing Jesus

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Originally Posted by Sabo View Post
Wait, wait, wait, did your baby pay for the milk? 'Cause that's not cool at all!

By the way, nice pictures and nothing sexual about either of them.
Too funny!

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For other uses, see Pornography (disambiguation).
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Pornographic moviesPornography (from Greek πόρνη (porni) "prostitute" and γραφή (grafi) "writing"), more informally referred to as porn or porno, is the representation of the human body or sexual activity with the goal of sexual arousal. It is similar to, but distinct from erotica, though the two terms are often used interchangeably.

In general, "erotica" refers to portrayals of sexually arousing material that hold or aspire to artistic or historical merit, whereas "pornography" often connotes the prurient depiction of sexual acts, with little or no artistic value. The line between "erotica" and the term "pornography" (which is frequently considered a pejorative) is often highly subjective. In practice, pornography can be defined merely as erotica that is perceived as "obscene". The definition of what one considers obscene can differ among persons, cultures and eras. This leaves legal actions by those who oppose pornography open to wide interpretation.
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A sex worker in Germany.Prostitution is the sale of sexual services for money or other kind of return. Most prostitutes are women who offer their services to men, although there are male prostitutes as well. Customers of prostitutes are known as clients in Quebec, Canada, johns in the United States, punters in the UK, whilst in Sweden they are known as "Torskar", which means cod or loser.

The English word whore, referring to (female) prostitutes, is taken from the Old English word hōra (from the Indo-European root kā meaning "desire") but usage of that word is widely considered pejorative and prostitute is a less value-laden term. On the other hand, in Germany most prostitutes' organizations deliberately use the word Hure (whore) since they feel that prostitute is a bureaucratic term and an unnecessary euphemism for something not in need of euphemisms. See also: call girl, courtesan, escort.
You are neither displaying pornography or a prostitute by definition. Those photos are especially beautiful and you and your friend should hold your heads high.

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o..m... gosh!!! That's INSANE! Why is the world this way? You should have told them Jesus would be weeping to hear a breastfeeding mother insulted in such a way. Please keep us posted. I'm super curious what denomination this is..
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Originally Posted by Pynki View Post
I wish I could say I was suprised, but honestly, I'm not. Iowa is sometimes very backwards. I've gotten strange looks from people at my MIL's church. Apparently breastfeeding belongs in the "cry" area or in the nursery, but ONLY there.

I want to make a onesie that says "Good enough for Jesus is good enough for me. Breastmilk, God's plan."
Sorry you have to put up with such bigotry.
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I don't want to say anything negative about the denomination, the former pastor (the one that half raised me) is now preaching at a different church and he was livid when my friends mother informed him of what is going on. He said it is NOT Biblical and not Christian. I'm in the process of drafting a letter to send to the state district head and the main district head.

The church is Foursquare, a sub-group of Pentecostal.
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I've left two churches because of breastfeeding. The Greek Orthodox Church I was raised in, and Northridge.

In the Greek Orthodox church, I asked the priest if he could suggest a nice quiet place to nurse, and he laughed and said not even in your car in the parking lot, that the women would be mean to me. I nursed on a bench in the main lobby anyways. later I heard a news story that the church had lost a lawsuit, becuase they told a blind lady she dhad to leave her dog outside, because it was unclean. I laughed for ten minutes, it validated my feelings that the church was absurd. I have since found a kind and loving God.

At Northridge, they knew my baby was breastfed, and asked me to bring a bottle to the nursery next time. When I brought one of my precious few bottles of expressed milk, they asked me to dump it and fill it with 'free safer formula' and called my expressed milk a hazardous bodily fluid. Even after a letter writing campaign, curtesy of this wonderful forum, and links to the CDC and OSHA websites stating that it wasn't a hazardous bodily fluid, they wouldn't budge. I haven't been back inside that church, although I have stopped by to use the playground outside.

Wasn't Jesus breastfed? How did that formula rep that gave them the free formula get around the WHO guidelines. Northridge does a ton of missionary work, don't the WHO guidelines apply to that too? (Don't highjack, find the old thread, please.)

You're not alone. I hope reading my stories will show you churches can be obscene, and absurd. You know what God thinks about nursing, don't let them shake you.

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The more I think about this, the more I realize that - while I'm certainly offended at the notion of the image of a breastfeeding baby being labeled pornographic - I'm most offended that this man DARED to call you a prostitute! My husband would not have shown any restraint, even in a "religious" meeting, had a pastor said such a thing about me (in regard to breastfeeding, or anything else).

Oh, that just makes me so mad ... I'm so sorry that you have to find forgiveness in your heart for that!
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Originally Posted by stockingup99 View Post
I have since found a kind and loving God.
Sorry - the Greek Orthodox worship a different God?

God isn't the problem. It's His supposed ambassadors.
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Have you thought of Katherine Dettwyler?

Here is something that might be helpful...


Take care and good luck!

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Originally Posted by JamesMama View Post
The way he made it sound is like the whole TOWN has seen our myspace and they've gotten calls from several different people. WTF? Thats just bizzare to me. There is a boy in our youth group on my friends list but I don't think he ratted us out. His profile isn't exactly innocnet anyway.

I'm soooo tempted to complain to a higher up...district or nationwide supervisor or something...

maybe you should.....

mama. that's truly reprehensible
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Nae- I read about this earlier and can't even begin to wrap my mind around it. I would be furious. I really have nothing more to add that hasn't already been said. Just wanted to lend my support.

I "recognize" a few people over here too...hi Bobbi!

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Oh, I see now! He didn't mean prostitution, he meant plagiarism!

Your photo http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a82...m/100_0734.jpg

The image you copied http://www.worth1000.com/web/media/27163/original.jpg

(apprently it's this woman called Mary, and her toddler is called something starting with a J, but I don't think it was John or Joseph. Oh, and notice that you can see his bottom! Shock, horror!)

I'm very interested to hear what the higher-ups say.
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