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Underwear with covered elastic

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Not sure where to post this....Does anyone know where to buy girl toddler sized underwear with covered elastic on the leg openings~

My dc has an irritated looking rash and has been insisting on wearing pants with no underwear.

I know I like ones with the covered elastic better for me but I don't know where to find them in little kid sizes.

TIA for your help!
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I have seen them at Sears. Our Sears is very well-stocked, though (it has the highest sales of anywhere in the nation), and I have noticed that sometimes at other malls the stores are missing a lot of things.

People seem to really like those weird frilly elastics for girls underwear (YUCK!). We did find some Hanes ones with covered elastic for Becca, though.

Once when Becca had some irritation due to a scrape near where her underwear held her hip, we let her go underwearless; we figured that as long as she is wearing softer cotton-type pants, there wouldn't be a problem and it would increase breathability, too.
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Thanks! We have a Sears that's not too bad a drive from where we live. I'll call them and see if they have them.

We are happy being "fancy free" most of the time but she's sometimes annoyed by her clothes so we thought underwear might help. Also after a year of wandering the neighborhood completely naked we instituted a some-kind-of-pants and shoes rule for leaving the yard. --Our kid is big for her age and some of the neighbors expressed some discomfort-while trying really hard to own it as their issue. Also it made it hard for them to keep their own kids' clothes on!
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hanes for her has covered legs but not waists. or she could wear strech pants type shorts. both all cotton
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Hanna Andersson underwear is awesome. Try Hannaandersson.com
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The hanna anderson undies roock. And they are cut/sized just right that they should fit a very long time and high enough quality that they won't wear out either. (important stuff when we are talking about undies that expensive)
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We have a pair of carters with completely encased elastic. Couldn't tell you where we got them though. They also have a nice fit for a toddler.
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They are spendy. But ds fits in the same hanna underwear he's had since 2 years ago!!! And they still look perfect.
Hannas are nice for children who are "clothing senstive". They are amaingly soft and the seams are flat.
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Thanks so much for your input! These are great ideas. Update on the rash. Dc used to be sensitive to OJ, but loved it. We tried it again recently and thought it was okay. I asked her if she knew what was causing her rash...she said orange juice. I thought, well, she remembers us talking about it. We went back off OJ (both of us since we still nurse). Lo and behold, the rash is disappearing.

Ahh, the wisdom of the little ones.....

Thanks again for your help.
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