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is it too early for this thread...or are we all thinking about names already??

my husband doesn't like talking about names "yet" (which he says until the last few weeks of pregnancy and then expects equal veto power!). but the other day i got him to admit that he really likes a name. he usually says something like "well, i don't hate it." so we both like Soleil Elizabeth for a girl- and i think this baby is a girl. and i like Phoenix for a boy, but there's a town near us called Phoenix and his response to the name was "well, it's a really great name- it's too bad we can't use it" because of the town. well, it would be too easy if both the boy and girl names were wrapped up so early, i guess!

i'm already making up very premature lists, like for my baby shower, and things i need to get before the baby comes...but with my 4th baby, it's not like i'm reading about pregnancy and birth anymore, so i have to do something!
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My dh and I were actually going through names lastnight. But I think we are still sticking with the names we have had in our heads since our last baby was born. For a boy, Dylan Jacob. For a girl, Dakota Lila. But who knows. It is still very early.
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my dh and i have had names for weeks! glad we're not the only ones jumping on the early train!anyway,christyana lynn for a girl and christopher jack for a boy. my dh just had to get jack in there somewhere...he thinks it's a manly name.um o.k.
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We've settled on a boy name: Owen but we're still working on a girl name. I REALLY like the name Shiloh and so does DP but he doesn't want to use it now that Angelina and Brad used it, he thinks it's gonna be the fad name of the year. I really don't want a name that is super-popular but I really like that name. So our girl name is still in negotiation.
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no such luck this side, dh will not even think about names until after he has seen the baby as he thinks the baby has to suit the name. My dd was namelss for 2 weeks! He will not even think of a short list
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DH and I are *not* good at this, so we really need to get started on a list soon. We are still considering our boy name from last time (Emmett) and if it's a boy the middle name will definitely be Judson because of family tradition. But we really should have at least a couple other boy names under consideration, and we have *nothing* yet for a girl. Ugh!
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We talked about names before we were even married....and we waited to have our first child until we had been married 4 years!

We come up with lists....but never make a final decision until baby is born and we can tell for certain if that name really fits.
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We haven't even talked about it. With our son it was a battle, so I think we're avoiding the conversation unconciously. lol
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We've discussed at length and have a couple in mind. However, we always keep the name possabilities a secret. We don't make final decision until we've met our baby and held her/him. It usually takes us two days after meeting our little one to find the right name from the list. Our list consists of 40 girls names and 40 boys names. I love the naming part! Right now the kids call the baby Sally. Wonder if the 5 yo old knows something I don't about the gender....
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We've been discussing this a lot too and have a good list of boys names. We've settled on a girl's name. But we too have decided to keep our name choices a secret. Right now we call the baby Roo.
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I think we've settled on names. Heidi for a girl & Duncan for a boy.
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Originally Posted by MammaV View Post
Right now the kids call the baby Sally.
he he he... my daughters favourtie doll is "Baby Sally"

With ou=r first baby we could NOT agree on a name to save our lives!!!!!! Now all of sudden we both agree on tons!!

Some one mentioned not wanting super trendy names and I'm with you there but for some reason they are all the names I like

Anyone have some insight as to being one of 4 girls with the same name when you were in school? DP's name is Krestof (nick name Krest...only one lol) and I'm Jamie and never dealt with other Jamies in school... so we were wondering what's it like to be "Eric" and have Eric R. and Eric M. sitting in the row behind you?

OK... so my girl names at the head of the list are Sadie, Sophie and Lenore(nickname Nora). and Boys are Oscar and Simon... You think I could get away with naming a kid Oscar??? I LOVE it! My mom hates it and said she'd (and every one else) will call him Oscar the grouch... I know he's bound to run into it but do you guys think it's mean to name your kid Oscar???
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LOVE the name Oscar and don't think it would be mean at all!
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We know an Oscar. He is three. It fits him (and he is not a grouch).
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We also waited until DS was born to select which name he would get (I'm the one who insisted we wait), but we did narrow it down to about a dozen each for boys' and girls' names.

I'm also one who wants to avoid "popular" names, but I read an article recently that explains that the quantity of the most popular names today is SIGNIFICANTLY less than the number of girls with a popular name 20+ years ago. Many more people like "unusual" names now, so there are more names from which parents choose.

For what it's worth, our name choices (which I prefer to keep secret) tend to be more traditional/simple/popular names for boys, and more unique names for girls. I read a study (from northern Europe--Sweden?) where kids were asked why they like their names. Boys liked their names if "other people know how to spell them"; girls liked their names because they were special and uniquely their own.

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Originally Posted by willoLevin View Post
Boys liked their names if "other people know how to spell them"; girls liked their names because they were special and uniquely their own.
Awwww... how cute!

I forgot to mention this... it made me giggle... Last Monday I ran into a friend of mine from highschool and he introduced me to his girlfriend and told me they were having a baby! Of course I congratulated them and then he asked me if I had picked names yet... "Oh no!" I laughed... he said

"Oh we did! Elijiah for a boy or Haley for a girl!" I told him those were very sweet names and asked when they were due.

"OH we dont know, we only found out about the pregnancy 3 days ago."

WHAT??????!?!?!? LOL I'm lucky DP and I can agree on a name after 9months!!!
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We haven't really discussed it....except that if it is a boy, it will be named Mason. My ds told me about a year ago that I was going to have a baby boy named Mason next. We don't know any Masons and neither does ds...so we thought it was...I don't know...special that ds would name his brother before he was even conceived. For a girl....if it's a girl, we'll probably be arguing in the hospital over names like last time!!!
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I know a 3yo named Oscar too. I adore him, and I think it's a great name!

We're keeping our favorite names under wraps. I encountered some negativity when I shared my favorites for each of our dd's. We gave them the names anyway, and now when I see those people I sometimes remember their less-than-favorable opinions. I'd rather not have the memory of my aunt mocking my 5yo's name
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i like sharing name ideas with other moms who are pregnant, because we are much more likely to be a sensitive group and not react negatively. sharing names with family is awful!! i frequently get "well, THAT'S not a name!" i want to have an idea of what names are circulating. like with my daughter, we were going to name her Rowan, and then within weeks before her birth several Rowans popped up (including Brooke Shields' daughter!), and after we chose a different name for her, we found out about more of them. I'm glad she won't have to be one of several Rowans in school! Like with the Sara's and Katie's and Jenny's from years past, now in my son's class there is a "Liam D." and a "Liam K."- and everyone calls them that all the time.

i like Oscar! it's a very strong, scandinavian name. and it's not too popular- nice. Simon was a big contender for us last time- we thought that maybe naming a child Simon, which means "good listener", might bode well for our parent-child interactions!

Sadie was my sister's nickname (her name is Sara) when she was little. my mom still calls her that sometimes. but she's glad to have Sara now that she's a grown woman.
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I really like Rowan too!!! i know what you mean though about people suddenly coming out with names you like!

We named our daughter Ellya (Ell-yuh) knowing full well that some day she will develop the nicknames Elly or Elle (and being ok with that)... but then suddenly Ella was in the top of the baby name list AND not long ago I saw a "Design on a Dime" episode where they did a nursery remake for 9 month old BABY ELLYA! (same pronounciation tooooooo) We were/are a bit bummed that our daughters unique name is now super popular.

ONE LAST comment on unique names... It's at least comforting to know that little kids are not phased in the least by having friends, or meeting some one new with a unique name... they dont know that Sharoonkabob isn't an average name... they learn the name and accept it, same as they would Abby or Kelly.

Any ideas for a middle name for Oscar?
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